The ballot for the election of Divisional Councillors for the three-year term 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022 will be conducted over the period 30 September to 21 October 2019.

Notices calling for nominations are published in the August edition of INTHEBLACK and in CPA Update. Divisional Council elections are conducted in accordance with Articles 65 and 66 of CPA Australia’s Constitution and with Part 6 of CPA Australia’s By-Laws covering the conduct of elections.

Information for members

The table below provides the number of vacancies per Divisional Council. Some existing Divisional Councillors will be eligible to renominate for a further three-year term.

Australian Capital Territory 2
Europe 2
Greater China 5
Malaysia 1
New South Wales 2
New Zealand 6
Northern Territory 4
Queensland 6
Singapore  2
South Australia 3
Tasmania  7
Victoria 3
Western Australia  4


Members holding the status of CPA or FCPA are entitled to nominate for election and to vote in their local Divisional Council elections.

Associate members, Honorary members, members under suspension, and members with outstanding fees, fines or other amounts payable to CPA Australia and overdue for at least three months are not entitled to stand for election or to vote.

Conduct of elections and voting by members

Elections are conducted in accordance with Part 6 (Election Procedure) of CPA Australia’s By-Laws. Where the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot will be held. Divisional Council elections are conducted on behalf of CPA Australia by the independent online polling firm BigPulse.

Members eligible to vote in their Divisional Council election will receive ballot information on or around Monday 30 September, and the ballot will open at 9.00am local time on that day. The ballot will close at 5.00pm local time on Monday 21 October.

Members with email addresses recorded by CPA Australia will receive their invitations to vote electronically. Members without email addresses will receive their invitation to vote through the post. Members will have electronic access to candidate details and can lodge their ballots electronically.

Instructions on how to lodge a valid vote will be provided with the voting information. In accordance with Part 6 of the By-Laws, the ballot will be conducted as optional-preferential.

Election Results

Results of the 2019 Divisional Council elections will be announced in November in the local editions of CPA Update and local Divisional newsletters and on the CPA Australia website.

Returning Officers

Local Divisional General Managers, Country Heads, and Regional Heads are Returning Officers for the ballots conducted in their respective divisions.

Queries concerning eligibility to nominate for election or regarding the conduct of the ballot should be referred to local Returning Officers.

Commitment requirement for Divisional Councillors

Divisional Councillors are elected for a three-year term from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022 and may be re-elected for one further three-year term.

Divisional Councillors are volunteers and commit time and effort without remuneration to the benefit of CPA Australia and its members, to the accounting profession and the wider community.

Councillors are expected to attend regular Divisional Council meetings (monthly or bi-monthly) and to participate in and lead regular engagement activity between Council meetings. This could include meeting with committees and discussion groups, attending events and networking activities, and representing CPA Australia in various external forums. Attendance at certain activities could count towards Councillors’ CPD obligations.

Compliance requirements for candidates

All Divisional Councillors must agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct, to declare conflicts of interest as they arise and the CPA Australia Privacy Policy. Further administrative requirements are contained in the Divisional Council Handbook which is updated annually. Copies of these documents can be obtained by contacting the local Returning Officer.

The nomination process

  1. Sign in to member account via CPA Australia’s website to access the nomination form.
  2. Complete the nomination form by 5.00pm (AEST) on Friday 30 August.
  3. Submit nomination form and include a headshot image (JPEG or PNG).
  4. CPA Australia's Secretariat will provide a formal acknowledgement of each nomination.
  5. CPA Australia reviews each candidate profile with final approvals by candidates.
  6. Approved candidate profiles to Council ballot transferred automatically Divisional Council ballot.

Divisional Council elections are conducted electronically on behalf of CPA Australia by the independent polling firm BigPulse. Candidates must nominate through BigPulse’s secure portal from Wednesday 31 July.

Candidates can commence completing the electronic form, save their details and return to the form to review, amend and add further detail before submitting.

In accordance with Part 6 of the By-Laws, candidates will be asked to provide personal particulars and further details that will be rendered into a standardised format to be presented to voters. Refer to the example as a guide to assist when completing the nomination form.

Candidates will be asked to confirm that their details have been presented accurately prior to the distribution of the ballot to voters.

Each nomination form must be signed electronically by two members eligible to vote in the election. The candidate must provide the names, email addresses and membership numbers of the two members, who will be asked to confirm that they are prepared to sign the nomination. Note that these confirmations must be received by the close of the nomination period, so allow time for the two members to be contacted and to respond.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to provide a photograph to accompany their nomination. This should be a ‘head and shoulders’ shot taken against a light (ideally white) background and will appear as a (black and white) photograph. Photographs will need to be uploaded with the candidate details and further information is provided on the online nomination form. Inclusion of a photograph is not mandatory, and if not included the space for the photograph will be left blank.

Candidates will receive an immediate automated acknowledgement from BigPulse that their nomination has been lodged. Nominations will not be considered to have been lodged without this acknowledgement.

Candidates will receive confirmation of their eligibility to stand for election from the Secretariat within two working days of receipt of their nomination.

Further queries

Members should email ‘Council Nominations’ or phone their local Divisional General Manager.