Watch our complimentary videos and webinar recordings on YouTube to hear your peers and regulators discuss aspects of becoming a sustainable firm and the impact of regulation.


CGT update

Mark Morris CPA and Ian Raspin FCPA outline legislative changes to the capital gains tax and the importance of these changes on deceased estates. Listen to a podcast on this topic.

Limited AFS licensees: Tax (financial) advice registration

Ian Taylor, Chair of the Tax Practitioners Board, helps limited AFS licensees understand and comply with their obligations to register for tax (financial) advice.

Small business roadshow: Navigating the maze of regulation

Representatives from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Office of Small Business and the SBFO discuss how to navigate the complexities of government regulation. You can also learn about the valuable resources available to you and your small business clients.

Understanding the TASA Code of Professional Conduct

Ian Taylor, Chair of the Tax Practitioners Board, details your key ongoing obligations under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 Code of Professional Conduct.

Client management

Client verification and engagement

This 60-minute webinar recording addresses members' obligations with regards to taking reasonable care, the importance of client verification and the requirement to use engagement documents. Presented by Greg Lewis, Board Member, Tax Practitioners Board; Mark Morris CPA, Principal of Morris & Associates; and Josephine Haste, CPA Australia.

Developing client relationships

Peter Knight FCPA, Scott Charlton CPA and Pete Sanders discuss how to develop client relationships, including the changing customer profile, the impact of globalisation, client service offer, pricing models and practice health checks.

Why a dispute should be sent to mediation

Peter Agardy and Marianne Barker, Nationally Accredited Barrister Mediators, outline the costs and advantages for sending disputes to independent mediation.

Specialist service offerings

Becoming a financial planner

Stephen Jones FCPA discusses his experience in becoming a financial planner.

Specialising in estates and trusts

Ian Raspin FCPA discusses his work as a specialist in estates and trusts, including client engagement, risks and the future outlook.

Family businesses in Singapore

Lisa Liew FCPA discusses operating a family business in Singapore, including managing succession risks.

Environmental accounting

Malcolm Borgeaud FCPA, Reg Williams CPA and Jude Lau CPA discuss their work in the area of sustainability and environmental accounting.

Managing your practice

How quality practices can provide 20-20 vision in foresight

Margot Thompson CPA and Mark Ault CPA discuss the importance of quality practices, including the role of the Quality Review Program and the QRAC, quality reviewers, future proofing and risk management, service offerings, regulation, opportunities and top tips.

Top HR tips when starting out in your own practice

Gregory Jennings, Director Education Resources at Fair Work Ombudsman, Tanya Titman FCPA and Phil McCann FCPA discuss human resource issues to consider when starting out in your own practice, including recruitment, performance management, contractors, internships and placements, workplace culture, providing HR advice and top tips.

IT issues affecting practitioners

Tanya Titman FCPA, Brent Szalay CPA and Pete Sanders discuss IT aspects of running a practice, including challenges, the cloud, software for new practices, software and your clients, outsourcing and in-housing, market reach, cyber intrusion and the working environment and top tips.

How becoming succession ready sustains your practice

Greg Hayes FCPA, Scott Charlton CPA and Daniel Wyner discuss how being prepared for succession leads to a more sustainable firm, including the marketplace and being competitive, service offers, workplace culture, succession timing, positive succession outcomes and why succession fails, valuing goodwill, risk mitigation strategies and top tips.

Know your risks: Lessons from public accounting insurance claims

Drew Fenton CPA, Managing Director of Fenton Green, uses real public accounting insurance claim scenarios to provide public accountants with an overview of how to manage their risk profile, and identify strategies to reduce the risk of a claim happening.

Showcasing public practice

Listen to practitioners discuss their careers in public practice.

World Congress of Accountants