Practice management

Content Summary

This material will help you with a full range of business activities, from reviewing your structure and identifying growth opportunities, to new technology and servicing your clients. We also cover the value of good people to a sustainable practice.

Public accounting insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) is mandatory for all CPA Australia public practice certificate (PPC) holders, as well as other members providing public, honorary or private accounting services, whether paid or unpaid.

CPA Australia has negotiated three competitive policies on your behalf as well as a PII Comparison Checklist to help streamline your insurance process.

We also have a Tool to lodge your claims status, helping to keep your premiums lower and ensure compliance if there’s a claim.

Professional standards scheme

The CPA Australia Ltd Professional Standards (Accountants) Scheme (Scheme) caps eligible public practitioners’ civil liability to the amount of professional indemnity insurance required by the By-Laws.

CPA Australia will pay the annual fee on your behalf based on your member profile. You’ll also need to conduct a self-assessment to confirm your eligibility and comply with the requirements to participate.

CPA Best Practice Program

The new CPA Best Practice Program will lead the industry from the front, using a tailored approach that is transparent and efficient. It’s been developed to set you up for success, ensure you understand your obligations and receive the right guidance early on, when it’s most needed. Hundreds of public practice members go through a quality review process each year.

This new model will consider the complexity of your business and adjust the level of review accordingly, resulting in a more streamlined and intuitive process. We’ve coupled this with an investment in new technology to better your user experience, making file sharing and progress tracking simple, efficient and secure.

As part of a comprehensive and holistic support model across your career journey, the program will also connect you with other key resources, tools and continuing education to future-proof your business.

Accounting professional and ethical standards

CPA Australia members have a responsibility to act in the public interest and comply with the fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour in all their dealings. The APES 300 series applies to members in public practice.

Apply for a certificate

Application forms and prerequisites for other public practice related certificates, including a limited PPC, multi-disciplinary practice and trading with a non-member, are also available.