Content Summary

Preparing for the future

The 2019 MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. report provides an in-depth analysis of the changing accounting landscape.

The report explores the key forces reshaping the accounting profession and provides public practitioners with the evidence and insights they need to make informed practice and service development decisions. These insights identify four themes to help members better prepare for the future. The themes are complementary and one or more can be leveraged depending on individual business goals and situation.

  1. Leverage technology
  2. Incorporate advisory
  3. Look to specialise
  4. Do better business

This report builds on insights from the 2007 Firm of the Future report, and is based on research from more than 500 public practitioners and 1000 clients, including both personal and small business.

Published in 2019

Published in 2007

MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. guides and resources

The four themes identified in the report form the basis of the resources developed to help members prepare their practice for the future.

Insight driven

Our members shaped the MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. report.

We commissioned leading researcher CoreData to survey members in practice and their clients to explore the changing accounting landscape.

The outcomes of this research, plus contributions from industry experts, shaped the findings of the report and drove the development of the MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. resources.

Member insights

These videos show how several CPA members are preparing for the future based on the four themes identified above.

If you would like to provide CPA Australia with further information about on:

  • how you are implementing any these themes in your business, or
  • further practical insights on the key themes

Please email [email protected] and reference MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. report.

Leverage technology: Robert McDowall

Incorporate advisory: Amanda Roberts

Look to specialise: Dianna Jacobsen

Do better business: Andrew Albury