My Firm. My Future. Report

Enabled by technology and an increasingly engaged public, accounting practitioners are constantly being confronted with rapid change. This is making it more challenging to know the right direction to take, or solution to implement.

CPA Australia's MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. REPORT 2019 offers an in-depth analysis of the changing accounting landscape based on insights from over 500 public practitioners, consumers and SMEs. The report explores key forces reshaping the public accounting profession and proposes four themes that will enable members to build a sustainable practice for the future.

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My Firm. My Future. E-Learning

MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. E-LEARNING is a new set of practical e-learning modules that are being rolled out during 2019/2020 to help you prepare for the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities to build a sustainable business.

Modules in the MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. E-LEARNING series complement findings from the MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. REPORT and will help you prepare your practice for the future.

The first complimentary modules released in MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. E-LEARNING include:

Leading Change
This course will help you successfully lead change by developing an effective communication plan using the right timing and stakeholders to champion your change initiative.

Change Management
Change is a staged process and involves detailed planning. This course will help you to develop a change strategy, communicate effectively and overcome change resistance.

Engaging Clients
This interactive course will show you the tools and strategies to measure and exceed client expectations to build your relationship and increase your returns.

Segmenting Your Client Base
In this interactive course, you will learn how to segment your client base to establish a successful client relationship management process and develop a growth strategy.

Risk Management
As part of doing business better, this interactive course will explore frameworks and explain the steps and techniques to improve risk management throughout your firm. 

Effective Delegation
A key aspect of successful practice management is the distribution of projects and tasks to suitable team members. This module introduces learners to the basic skills needed to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities.

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An additional complimentary webinar series has been scheduled for September 2020, which is suitable if you missed attending a face-to-face workshop or want to prepare your firm for the future.
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Future Resources

Practical guides to help implement MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. report findings. Coming in 2020.