Understanding your outcome

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Types of membership

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Your outcome details

Recognised study

We'll provide a list of recognised subjects, which may lead to exemptions from certain subjects in CPA Program.

Foundation exam exemptions are granted when you have successfully completed studies at a degree level that match our competency requirements.

CPA Program exemptions are rare as they are based upon post-graduate level studies where the completed subject matches the content and depth of a CPA Program subject.

Relevant post-graduate studies by thesis will also be considered for CPA Program exemptions and these will also be compared with the content and depth of CPA Program subjects.

Direct entry to CPA Australia membership is rare, and normally relates to CPA Australia readmissions and full members of certain professional bodies.

Your program of study

We'll provide a list of subjects (or subject) that you need to complete. This may include foundation exams or CPA Program subjects or your degree qualifications and experience required in order to become a CPA.

Your qualifications and experience

Your degree is assessed as a part of your membership application. Qualifications that are incomplete or that CPA Australia determines are not degree comparable will not be recognised for this requirement.

If your degree has been recognised, you will see this under “your qualifications and experience” where the recognition appears as a tick.

If you don't hold a comparable degree, you may wish to study an accredited course to gain a degree and maximise your entry point into the CPA Program.

Your Experience is an element of the CPA Program. Typically, you would apply for recognition of Your Experience when you are an Associate member.

However, if you are a full member of an IFAC professional body, you may gain recognition of prior experience as a part of your membership application.

If Your Experience has been satisfied, you will see this under “your qualifications and experience” where the recognition appears as a tick.

Apply for an update or request a review

Once you have received your verified membership assessment outcome, you may wish to provide further information to improve your assessment outcome by applying for an update through our update application page.

Every care has been taken to ensure your personal outcome is correct. However, if you feel your outcome is unreasonable, or has not taken all your recognised studies into consideration, you may request a formal review of the decision. Find out more.

CPA Australia will consider your reasons provided. We can’t guarantee any change in your outcome. There is a fee payable for the formal review service.

Update your application

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