Types of membership

Membership application

You can apply for membership of CPA Australia regardless of what industry you work in or your career stage. You’ll just need to complete an application for us to assess your qualifications.

Your membership application will determine if you’re eligible to begin the CPA Program or if you must first complete our Foundation exams.

If you’re a qualified professional from a country outside Australia, you’re still eligible to apply for membership. CPA Australia has several pathways with international accounting and finance professional bodies.

There are three types of CPA Australia membership

The types of membership are Associate (known as ASA), Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and Fellow (FCPA).

Referring to yourself as a CPA is dependent on maintaining your membership with CPA Australia.

You’ll also need to comply with:

Associate (ASA)

You’ll be an Associate when you begin the CPA Program.

You’ll have six years to complete the Program. You will need to complete six subjects and the Your Experience requirement to qualify. Your past and existing relevant work experience may contribute to Your Experience requirement.

As an ASA, you’ll belong to a global network of CPA Australia members. You also have access to the many benefits of CPA Australia membership. You’ll receive special rates on products and services, discounts on professional development and access to valuable resources to enhance your career.

Certified Practising Accountant (CPA)

To become a CPA, you must:

  • hold a degree in any discipline that CPA Australia recognises 
  • have completed the CPA Program, including Your Experience, within six years of commencing.

To offer public accounting services, a CPA must also hold a public practice certificate in accordance with CPA Australia's By-Laws.

Fellow (FCPA)

Highly experienced CPAs can become a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA).

You must be a CPA with at least 15 years’ work experience in accounting, finance or business.

This includes at least five years in an executive position or providing full-time public accounting services as a public accountant.

Benefits for all members

Becoming a member means you’ll have access to the many privileges of the organisation, including:

  • belonging to a global network of CPA Australia members
  • receiving special rates on products and services
  • receiving discounts on professional development
  • gaining access to valuable resources to enhance your career.

It also means committing to the obligations outlined in CPA Australia’s Constitution and By-Laws, the Code of Professional Conduct and applicable regulations.