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Flexible program to study your way

We know you have your own approach to study and everyone is juggling different work and personal commitments. That’s why the CPA Program is available in three approaches, so you can work to your own timeline and find the level of support you need to succeed. And when you’ve chosen the flexible study option that suits you, explore how to satisfy Your Experience and Degree requirements.


Distance learning

Set your own study plan to your timeline.


Full time study

Complete the CPA Program in 12 months with intensive classes.


Combined master degree

Get university study support and complete a master degree and the CPA Program together.

distance learning

Choose distance learning and it’s your way all the way

Online Learning

You’ll progress through each semester yourself using the learning resources we provide you – including your study guide and extra resources in our online learning platform, My Online Learning.

You decide how many subjects you study each semester and while you’ll study independently, you’re not alone. Connect with your peers in study groups, get helpful advice through the ‘Ask an expert’ forum or consider boosting your study support with tuition classes - ranging from weekly classes that provide structure all semester, to revision sessions held in the lead up to your exam.

And although you’ll have to complete your CPA Program subjects within your advised timeframe (usually six years), how you choose to do so is up to you.

Full time study

Choose to study full time, and you may complete all six of your CPA Program subjects in 12 months

Partnering with our registered tuition providers, you will study the program in a structured classroom environment with intensive tuition support and exam preparation. The subjects will be delivered over two semesters in day time classes from Monday to Friday. And in addition to the intensive CPA Program support you will receive, you will also have unique opportunities to connect with some of CPA Australia’s key employers.

CPA Program – full time available in:

Combined Master degree

Enrol in a postgraduate degree with one of our partnering tertiary providers and you can complete a master degree and your CPA Program study concurrently. The content of our CPA Program is integrated with our tertiary partners' master degree, which means you'll receive all the support that comes from studying in structured classroom environment while you complete both programs.


Enrol in a master degree with a partnering tertiary provider and enrol in the CPA Program


Study your CPA Program subjects with your tertiary provider and sit your CPA Program exams


Complete your 36 months of relevant experience before, after, or during your CPA Program


Receive your master degree and advance to CPA status

study your master degree with our PARTNERING tertiary providers