Library regulations

Content Summary

Further to clause 10(a) of the CPA Australia constitution, members are bound to comply with the following CPA Library regulations. Any breaches of the following regulations are subject to disciplinary action.


1. CPA Library is available for use by members of CPA Australia.

2. If CPA Australia establishes reciprocal arrangements with another institution, the members of that institution will have access to the CPA Library under the same conditions of borrowing as CPA Australia members. These conditions are set out below.

3. Material from the current library collection is available for loan under the conditions set out below. Material from the historical collection is housed off site and the retrieval process takes two working days. Material from the reference and archival collections may not be borrowed.

4. Employees at CPA Library offer a variety of additional services including literature searches, general research and company searches. Charges apply for these services.

5. Members working in the physical library must comply with the CPA Library Internet Policy displayed next to each OPAC. Anyone who doesn’t comply may face suspension from the CPA Library and disciplinary action.

6. Members visiting the CPA Library should respect it as an environment that facilitates study, research, recreational reading and quiet discussion. 

CPA Library hours

7. The CPA Library is open from Monday to Friday and closed on all public holidays and weekends. Opening hours are subject to change. 

Conditions of borrowing

8.  Members living in Australia can borrow up to five items at a time. Items are issued on personal loan for 14 days. They must be renewed or returned by the date due, or earlier if requested by the CPA Library manager.

9.  A loan may be renewed for a further loan period if it hasn’t been reserved by someone else. A maximum of four such extensions will be granted. Members should read Clause 13 of these Regulations regarding items not returned.

10.  No member can borrow more than five items at any one time.

11.  When requesting items online, members in Melbourne and Sydney have the option of choosing to collect in person from the CPA Library. An Express postal service is also available for CPA Australia members living in Australia 

(a)  Postage is provided by CPA Australia. To return material, members are asked to ensure items are securely wrapped, posted via the Express Post satchel supplied and returned by the due date.

(b)  If members can’t visit the CPA Library, they  can consult with library employees to organise for items to be collected by a courier. The cost of the courier is payable by the member.

12.  All borrowed items must be returned to the library by the due date or by the date of recall by the CPA Library manager ("item return date"). A fine of $1.00 per day may be charged for the late return of each item borrowed beyond the item return date. If an item is lost while on loan to a member, they will be charged for the cost of replacement plus a $40 processing fee. This also applies if an item is deemed to be lost because it hasn’t been received back within seven days of the library issuing a ‘Final notice’ to the member. If the item lost is part of a set of two or more volumes, the member will be liable for the cost of the complete work. If an item is damaged, the member will be charged the cost of repair or replacement plus a $40.00 processing fee. Failure to return items, and pay any sum assessed to be due, will be referred to Professional Conduct and determined pursuant to By-Law 5.3. Until the sum assessed is paid by, or the matter resolved to the benefit of the member, the member will be excluded from further use of the CPA Library. 

13.  A member may, with the agreement of the CPA Library manager, authorise a non-member to access the CPA library for the purpose of conducting research on behalf of the member for a period of up to two months. This arrangement is established by completion of an authority form issued by the CPA Australia Library and signed by both the member and non-member. The non-member is entitled to borrow from the CPA Australia Library on behalf of the member, during this two-month period. In all such cases responsibility for conforming with CPA Australia Library Regulations, particularly in respect to lost or damaged books, remains with the member.

14.  No borrower shall lend any CPA Library items to another person while on personal loan without the permission of the CPA Library Manager.

15.  Items may be loaned to other libraries in accordance with established inter-library lending procedures and with the conditions set out in clauses 9-15 of these regulations being applicable.