Why study the CPA Program?

Content Summary

Recognised internationally, the CPA Program focuses on applying practical skills to real world challenges and scenarios.

The result is that CPA Australia members have:

  • commercial awareness
  • emotional intelligence
  • communication and collaboration skills
  • a technically skilled and solution-driven approach to problem solving
  • an awareness of the social impacts of accounting.

Being a CPA Australia member means you have more than just a technical accounting focus. We teach the skills you need to develop your career in leadership, strategy and business.

We'll support you the entire way

We understand everyone has their own approach to study and often juggling different commitments. As a CPA Program candidate, you have access to an extensive range of resources to help master your studies, connect with CPA Australia and your peers.

Our support is designed to ensure every candidate has the greatest chance of completing the CPA Program. Whether you prefer flexibility or structure, consistency or cramming, we have support to suit you.

In-semester guided learning resources

Study the CPA Program how, when and where you want.

Professional resources

We have online learning platforms, supplementary materials, information and resources to assist your professional development.

Extend your network

Join our dedicated private groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with peers, share your study experiences and receive support from us.

Your local division

Divisions can help you connect with the CPA Australia team at your local office or help you find support from members in your area.

After completing the CPA Program

We’re committed to enhancing your career, even after you’ve finished your study.

Professional development

Lifelong learning is important, which is why Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement for ongoing membership. We know how quickly some industries can change, so we provide short courses, online learning and other development activities to ensure your skills remain relevant and current.

Industry news

Members receive direct access to our industry-leading publication INTHEBLACK, as well as regular discussions on the CPA Australia podcast.

Member benefits program

There is a wide range of special offers on products and services available exclusively for CPA Australia members.

Networking opportunities

We can help you connect with CPA Australia members from your community and across the world. You’ll have access to exclusive events, private networking platforms, discussion groups on CPA Member Connect and official member groups on social media.

My Career Navigator*

Discover the skills employers are looking for and plan your next career move. This online tool is exclusive for members and uses real time labour market data to shape your career pathway.
*Currently available in Australia only.

The CPA Library

Members have access to a variety of resources, including full text journals, newspapers and eBooks, as well as CPA Australia publications.


Eligible members can access a range of scholarships to help you complete the CPA Program.