Career pathways

Content Summary

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the financial health of an organisation. In this role, you’ll establish strategy to help the business achieve its goals.

Strategic procurement manager

Procurement managers are often the masterminds behind organisational deals. In this role, you’ll need a strategic mindset, negotiation skills, a knowledge of supplier best practices and the ability to manage complex contracts.

Founder of a startup company

Starting a business from scratch means you can define and deliver on the commercial potential of an innovative product or service. You’ll need strong business acumen and a strategic approach.

Environmental accountant

Why not take a green approach to making money? Environmental accountants are responsible for ensuring a company is environmentally responsible and profitable.

Accounting risk analyst

In this role, you’ll identify strategic and operational risks. You’ll need exceptional analytical skills and must perform under pressure to develop risk-mitigation strategies.

International accounting specialist

You could join a network of professionals helping manage cross-border transactions, global trade agreements and overseas investments.

Counter-terrorism financial investigator

You could investigate the financial enablers of terrorism, work with police on financial issues and ongoing investigations.

Financial advisor

Financial advisors help their clients achieve their wealth management and retirement goals. You’ll work with clients to understand their circumstances to provide unbiased advice to help them make informed investment decisions.

Partner at an accounting firm

Accounting firm partners lead employees, build client relationships, and grow the  business. Experience, expertise and highly developed leadership skills will be needed for this high-profile role.

CEO of a sporting organisation

This position is responsible for on-and off-field success. You’ll set the organisation’s strategy and lead its delivery using your exceptional business, strategy and leadership skills.

Forensic accountant

Why not become a detective of the finance world? As a forensic accountant, you’ll track and analyse data to find missing funds, trace illegal business activities and identify fraud.

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