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Networks, support, opportunities and success are all things our members have in common. Whether they’re partway through the CPA Program or leading an international team, our members will give you valuable insights into how we’ve helped them to succeed.

Our program is recognised internationally, meaning you’ll be well equipped to tackle any accounting, finance or business challenges in today’s global marketplace. The CPA Program focuses on more than just technical accounting, teaching you to go beyond the numbers and master the skills you need to reach the next level in leadership, strategy and business.

Hear from our members in Australia and around the world about their experiences studying the CPA Program and applying the learnings and ongoing professional support in their careers.

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Hear directly from our members Nipuna Welmillage CPA, Omar Benmansour ASA and Aalia Narula CPA on how the CPA Program has supported their careers.

Hacia's story

Discover how studying the CPA Program helped CPA member Hacia Atherton build her professional skillset and utilise her learnings in an unexpected way.

"I decided to study the CPA Program because it opens up so many doors. It gives you not only the technical accounting skills, but also gives you so much knowledge in strategy and leadership."

— Hacia Atherton CPA

Chris's story

Listen to Chris Allen as he discusses how he balanced his existing priorities with studying the CPA Program and how he made it work for him.

"I was able to balance my work and other priorities with my studies at the same time and push through at a rate that suited me."

— Chris Allen CPA

What our global members have to say

Hear from our members across the globe on the value they have gained from studying the CPA Program.

"In the field of finance, you must have something in addition to your bachelor degree and I found that CPA was more helpful to my professional development than something that was ‘Big Four’ and accounting based."

— Huy Ngo Chung FCPA (Aust.), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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Luthfyana Kartika Larasati
Luthfyana Kartika Larasati, CPA

“The combination of the high calibre academic program and practical experience that are offered by CPA is very beneficial in fast tracking my career.”
Allen Koh
Allen Koh, CPA

"I was looking for a program that would provide extensive global career and networking opportunities with industry partners."
Sin Yee Liew
Sin Yee Liew, ASA

“I really like that CPA offers subjects not just in accounting but in business and leadership as well”
Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta, CPA

“I’d highly recommend CPA Australia’s educational and networking events that happen across the world to all accounting and finance professionals.”

Pioneering the future

Anthony Lau FCPA is responsible for providing clients with tax advice on mergers, acquisitions, group restructuring and international transactions – across Hong Kong, China and other Asia Pacific markets. Watch this video to find out more about his exciting career.

“As accountants, we should aim to be pioneers, steering marketing developments, rather than sticking to old paths and getting carried away by the tide. To remain competitive, we’ll have to invent and commercialise IT and AI in our businesses.”

— Anthony Lau, FCPA, Hong Kong

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With a global membership of more than 168,000 members working in over 100 countries and regions around the world, our members are accomplishing great things within their respective fields.

Read more member success stories and find out how becoming a CPA could future proof your career.

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