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To help springboard your future as a CPA, we have partnered with employers to highlight graduate and internship opportunities in accounting and finance for you.

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Graduate opportunities provide you with the experience and knowledge to develop your professional skills, the opportunity to work across multiple areas of an organisation and to become a well-rounded CPA.

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Internship opportunities help you gain on-the-job experience before completing your degree. They develop your professional network, boost your resume, apply theory in practice and expose you to a rewarding career path.

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recognised employer partners program

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To join the Recognised Employer Program our Employer Partners go through a comprehensive assessment of their professional development methods and approach. They are employers who care about your career.

Our Recognised Employer Partners support and mentor your transition from graduates to professionals, including funding or partially funding you through the CPA Program, providing paid time off for CPA Program exams and study and cutting down on your CPA Program paperwork.

Find the best place to start your career through our Recognised Employer Partners' integrated learning, internship and graduate opportunities.

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