Terms and conditions

By renewing my membership I confirm that I:

  • will comply with CPA Australia’s Constitution, By-Laws, Code of Professional Conduct and Applicable Regulations, including the requirement to complete 120 hours Continuing Professional Development per triennium (minimum 20 hours annually)
  • have read and consent to the terms of CPA Australia's Privacy policy and statement
  • continue to be a fit and proper person in accordance with By-Law 3.16 and will disclose any circumstances that would affect this requirement

By renewing my Public Practice Certificate (PPC), if applicable, I understand and will comply with my obligations as a member holding a PPC to:

  • hold the minimum levels of professional indemnity insurance as prescribed by CPA Australia in accordance with By-Law 9.8
  • successfully complete, if selected, a quality review in accordance with the CPA Australia Quality Review Program;
  • deal with client monies (if applicable) in accordance with APES 310
  • ensure Professional Standards Limited disclosure statements are included in business stationery (not applicable for members in Tasmania or New Zealand)
  • consent to CPA Australia disclosing the fact that I hold a PPC to any person (whether upon request or by publication) notwithstanding that such information may comprise personal information or sensitive information within the meaning of those terms under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended