Greater Bay Area initiative: Factors important to its success (PDF)
CPA Australia’s report on the factors members identify as important to the success of the Greater Bay Area initiative. These were identified through a member survey and in consultation with member experts.

Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey
Data from CPA Australia’s Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey 2017 found that businesses with a focus on technology, (including ecommerce, social media and cybersecurity), innovation and exporting are significantly more likely to be growing and creating jobs than those that are not.

CPA Australia workplace flexibility survey 2016: Survey report (PDF)
A CPA Australia survey of the likelihood of requesting workplace flexibility, the reasons for seeking to work flexibly, the perceived impacts of flexible work on career and confidence in becoming a senior business leader.

CPA Australia work environment survey 2016: Survey report (PDF)
A CPA Australia survey on what factors are most likely to influence job seekers, and attitudes towards open plan offices and flexible working arrangements.