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Consultations and Submissions

CPA Australia regularly makes submissions to Government, Standards setters and Regulators on proposed legislation, regulations, standards, guidance and discussion papers, which impact members. Those submissions are informed by member feedback. See open consultations, email your views to us and read the submissions made by CPA Australia.

ASIC industry funding

From 1 July 2017, ASIC's regulatory costs are being allocated across 48 industry sub-sectors based on the actual costs of its regulation of each sub-sector in the previous financial year.

accounting professional and ethical standards



The Latest Ethics, Audit and Reporting News Update provides a snapshot of upcoming changes to reporting, auditing and ethical standards and other developments within the accounting profession.

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Our complimentary podcast series highlights the current issues affecting the accounting profession, business, finance and tax. Visit CPA Australia Podcast for transcripts and a full episode list.

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