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COVID-19 regulatory relief and resources

CPA Australia’s COVID-19 coverage is dedicated to what the pandemic means for auditing and accounting professionals. Our extensive commentary and analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic and our industry’s response is continually updated to ensure you have the most recent information about how it affects your business and your clients.

Understanding auditing and assurance

These guides from CPA Australia explain the value and purpose of auditing and assurance to help shareholders understand messages from their company's auditor and use this information in their decision making.

February 2021

November 2019

November 2019

September 2014

Audit and assurance publications

This guide supports the use of recognition and accountability mechanisms, focused on individuals in leadership positions, to improve audit quality. A joint publication of CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) developed on behalf of the Australian Auditing and Accounting Public Policy Committee (APPC).

Root cause analysis (RCA) is an effective and efficient way to improve audit quality. This guide explains how audit practitioners can use RCA to identify and address the reasons behind internal and external reviews and inspection findings. A joint publication of CPA Australia and CA ANZ developed on behalf of the APPC.

This research seeks to understand the extent of audit offshoring, the perceived benefits, and why firms are offshoring audit work. The research also covers the perception of the quality of work delivered from offshore workers. This research was supported by CPA Australia.

Library resources for audit and assurance

CPA Australia members can access the following auditing and assurance resources from our library.

Auditing and assurance standards

Auditing and assurance standards, along with the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and related standards, establish requirements and provide application and other material for audits, reviews and other assurance engagements.