How do I record my CPD activity?

You can record your activities using the online CPD Diary. Your CPD Diary helps you maintain a record of the activities you have participated in all in one convenient online record

Are CPA Australia activities automatically updated in my records?

If you use the online CPD Diary, whenever you attend a CPA Australia training session or event such as CPA Congress, seminars or workshops, your record will be automatically updated.

You will need to update other CPA Australia activities and non-CPA Australia activities in your CPD Diary manually, such as discussion groups, webinars and networking events. We recommend that you check your CPD Diary to ensure all the activities you have participated in are included.

Find out more about using the online CPD Diary.

Retaining your CPD evidence

You should keep your CPD evidence for 12 months after the end of your three-year period in case you are selected for a review.

Evidence can include:

  • assessment reports
  • attendance lists
  • certificates
  • detailed diary notes
  • employer reports
  • enrolment records
  • receipts
  • statutory declarations
  • transcripts.

Maximum number of hours you can claim for one type of activity

CPD activity with a limitation on recordable hours is “Structured reading, video or audio” (CPD activity code J) and “Mentoring” (CPD activity code K). You can claim up to 10 hours for these CPD activity codes per year. All other CPD activities have no limitations on number of hours you can claim.

If you have completed any technical reading that helps your professional development you can claim this under self-study (CPD activity code I).

If I fail a CPA segment can I still claim CPD hours?

If you undertake a CPA Program subject and fail or receive a Did  Not Sit you will be granted 20 CPD hours.

If I fail a non-CPA Australia course exam, can I claim any CPD hours?

If you undertake any course and have accumulated study for the course, this can be claimed as self-study category I.

Can I claim CPD hours if I have completed a quality review?

A public practice certificate holder who has completed a quality review, with the exception of a limited scope review, may claim five hours of CPD for the year in which the review was undertaken.

How do I record CPD if I am working for a Recognised Employer Partner?

You will need to update your CPD Diary and your employer will keep track of your CPD evidence. While employed by a Recognised Employer Partner, complete your CPD Diary like this:

Recording CPD as a REP

CPD Diary with Recognised Employer Program selected.

What are the CPD activity codes?

When you record your CPD activities, you need to use codes to record the type of activity you have completed:

Activity code Description
 A Congresses, conventions and conferences
 B Courses, seminars or workshops
 C Discussion group meetings
 D In house learning
 E Tertiary (university) courses
 F Appropriate developmental activities
 G Researched or written technical publications
 H Technical or research committees
 I Self-study including self-paced learning packages and online professional development
 J Structured reading, video or audio (a maximum of 10 hours per year can be claimed for reading)
 K Mentoring (a maximum of 10 hours per year can be claimed for mentoring)
 L CPA Australia Recognised Employer Program

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