Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Benefits of CPD

  • Gain new skills and knowledge to achieve your development and career goals
  • Remain up-to-date with technical, legislative and regulatory changes
  • Build the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the competitive business environment
  • Develop your reputation as a business leader
  • Increase your value to your organisation and/or your clients

CPA Australia provides a range of training, services and events that can contribute to your CPD hours. These include:

How to complete your CPD

Member obligations

When you renew your membership each year, this is your declaration to comply with the CPA Australia constitution, By-Laws and CPD obligations.

CPD requirements apply to the following members:

  • Associate members (ASAs)
  • Members (CPAs)
  • Fellows (FCPAs)
  • Retired members who provide public accounting services
  • Specialist service providers

Your rolling three-year period (triennium) CPD review period relates to your CPA Australia join date.

  • If you joined before June 30, your three-year period starts 1 January that year and concludes on each 3rd anniversary. 
  • If you joined after June 30, your three-year period starts 1 January the following year and concludes on each 3rd anniversary.

Your three-year period can be calculated from this date forward. To confirm when your three-year period starts, visit your CPD Diary.

You must demonstrate the following to meet your CPD obligations:

CPA Australia By-Laws
CPD period Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Minimum hours 20 20 20
Total mandatory hours 120
  • All members must undertake relevant CPD (except those excluded in the By-Laws)
  • Members who hold a statutory registration must complete CPD in relation to the specific field Members must comply with both the By-Laws and their statutory obligations
  • Maintain a record: nature of CPD undertaken, topics covered, date and duration, for 12 months after the triennium
  • Produce for inspection if requested
  • Members can access the CPD Diary to maintain records