Continuing Professional Development (CPD) review

Content Summary

To maintain the integrity of the CPD program and its requirements, we conduct an annual review of the records for a selected number of members.  If you’re selected you’ll be asked to share your CPD records.

Our CPD Diary will help track your CPD activities to ensure the most streamlined experience for CPD review.

Review period

Your rolling three-year period (triennium) CPD review period relates to when you joined CPA Australia. If you joined before June 30, your three-year period starts 1 January the same year. If you joined after June 30, your three-year period starts 1 January the following year. Your three-year period can be calculated from this date forward. To confirm when your three-year period starts, visit your CPD Diary.

Review process

1. Selection

Members are selected to have their CPD records reviewed.

2. Contact

If you're selected you’ll need to provide details of your CPD activities for the triennium period.

An efficient way to maintain recorded activities is in your diary to demonstrate you’ve met your CPD requirements.

3. Evidence

If we request further evidence of your CPD activities, you’ll need to update your CPD Diary or provide records and evidence for activities.

4. Review

We’ll assess the submitted records against key requirements, including relevance to the member’s career path.

5. Outcome

We’ll contact you with the outcome of your review.


If you’re not working or working reduced hours for an extended time and are selected for a review, you may apply for a reduction of required CPD hours.

CPD Compliance

If you don’t provide enough evidence of CPD you may be referred to Professional Conduct.


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