Recording your Continuing Professional Development

CPA Australia CPD Diary

Your CPD Diary helps you maintain a record of the CPD activities you have participated in all in one convenient online record

Every time you complete a CPA Australia professional development course or attend an event such as CPA Congress, seminars, workshops or a CPA Australia training session, your record will be automatically updated.

Activities such as courses, discussion groups and webinars that are not provided by CPA Australia will need to be manually recorded in your CPD Diary.

We recommend you regularly update your CPD Diary to make sure all relevant activities are recorded. 

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CPD activity codes and descriptions

You’ll need to select the appropriate code for each type of activity when it’s recorded in your CPD Diary.

If you're selected for a CPD review you may be requested to provide evidence of your CPD activities. As such, you must keep your CPD evidence for 12 months after the end of your triennium.

Category Description
A Congresses, conventions and conferences
B Courses, webinars, seminars or workshops (incl. online)
C Discussion group meetings
D In-house learning
E Tertiary (university) courses
F Appropriate developmental activities
G Researched or written technical publications
H Technical or research committees
I Self-study including self-paced learning packages and online professional development
J Unstructured reading, video or audio (a maximum of 10 hours per year can be claimed for reading)
K Mentoring (a maximum of 10 hours per year can be claimed for mentoring)
L CPA Australia Recognised Employer Program

Maximum CPD hour limits

Both "reading, video or audio" (CPD activity code J) and "Mentoring" (CPD activity code K) are limited to 10 hours each year.