We know that everyone has a different approach to learning and many students excel when they have more structure to their study. That’s why we’ve partnered with KnowledgEquity to deliver a suite of guided learning resources to CPA Program candidates.

Guided learning is an approach that maps out a learning journey for you to follow throughout the semester in order to help you achieve a great result in your exam.

Hear more about your guided learning support package from our official learning partner of the CPA Program, KnowledgEquity:



When you visit the KnowledgEquity resource hub you’ll be guided week by week in what resources to use in what order to help you grasp the key concepts in each module. We encourage you to subscribe to the KnowledgEquity email communications that will regularly provide you with helpful study tips and prompt you to log in and use the tools and resources available to keep your learning on track.


Our experts understand the most challenging content areas within each subject; that’s why you’ll have personalised guidance to really help you master the most complex areas in your subject. You can expect to gain access to:

Semester preparation videos
Short, easy-to-watch videos on study strategies for the semester ahead.

Weekly, recorded webinars
Subject matter expert explanations of key learning concepts from your study guide, plus downloadable webinar slides.

Module quizzes
Multiple-choice quizzes for you to test your understanding of each module in your study guide.

Mid- and end-semester tests
Online mid- and end-semester tests to consolidate and test your knowledge.

Downloadable study notes
Module summaries of key concepts to help structure your revision.

Exam preparation advice
Short video tutorials on how to best prepare for your exam.


The guided learning resources will be available through My Online Learning for select subjects at the commencement of Semester 1 2020.