When studying the CPA Program, you have access to an extensive range of resources to support your study. In addition to your study guide, you can choose from different study support options to suit your personal learning style – whether you like to set your own study pace or prefer to study with more guidance and structure, there are resources to suit you. Discover the resources available and how you can utilise them to your advantage.


Study guide

Your study guide is your primary resource which contains all the content you need to understand and apply in your exam. A PDF of your study guide will be available in My Online Learning before the commencement of the semester. Find out more about the PDF study guide release dates. You can track the status of the delivery of your printed study guide through My CPA Program. We encourage you to supplement your learning with the additional resources on offer outlined below.

My Online Learning

Aside from your study guide, My Online Learning will be one of your main points of contact to assist in your study. With access to a PDF of your study guide, business simulations, forums to ask questions, knowledge checks and more, My Online Learning has a range of online resources which will complement the learnings from your study guide. You can also join study groups, explore case studies and keep abreast of all the important updates to your subject. Make sure you visit regularly to stay on track.


For more information visit your resources in My Online Learning.


In addition to your study guide and My Online Learning, you can choose from a wide range of extra resources to support your learning.

Guided learning support

Need more structure in your study? CPA Australia has partnered with KnowledgEquity to deliver a suite of guided learning resources for candidates studying selected subjects. You’ll be guided week by week through each module in your subject and directed to use a range of resources to reinforce your learning, including weekly recorded webinars, quizzes, video tutorials, study notes, and more. Guided learning support will be available through My Online Learning for eligible subjects from the start of the semester.


Make the most of your commute to and from work and enjoy the short bites of study available through the Quitch app. Quitch is a mobile learning app and a new way for Associate members to engage with knowledge checks and other study resources on the go. The app uses game elements and game design techniques like timed questions and points for successful answers to help keep your learning on track and front of mind, and you can even choose to participate in a competitive leader board to see how your knowledge compares to your peers. Quitch will be available to students studying eligible subjects from the start of the semester.

CPA Program Essentials

We know juggling study with everyday life can be tricky – that’s why we’ve designed our complimentary CPA Program Essentials workshops and webinars to help set you up for a successful semester of study. You should think of these sessions as your opportunity to gain the tools – and ask the questions – you need to make your journey to becoming a CPA a little easier.

Library resources

As an Associate member of CPA Australia, you have access to all the information and resources available in the CPA Library to assist in your education, day-to-day work, and professional development. If you’re having difficulty with a particular subject or topic, our qualified Library staff can help source relevant resources that may assist you. The library services are available at all times for CPA Australia members.


We know that every student has a different learning style. If you have tried the above resources and still require support, look to our optional extra resources which can assist you through your studies.

Face-to-face and online tuition

Throughout some locations, we've partnered with approved tuition providers to deliver face-to-face services. So, if you’re looking for the extra support that a classroom environment can bring, explore our face-to-face tuition services to see what’s available near you.

BPP Passcards and revision kits

Through our partner, BPP Learning Media, you can access a suite of revision materials written by professionally qualified specialists specifically to support the CPA Program. While these resources do not replicate an exam experience, they are a helpful revision tool as you prepare for your exam.

Contact us

Remember, we’re here to help. You can contact us anytime - or visit local Division office to talk to us about your CPA Program study options.