As a CPA Program candidate, you have access to an extensive range of resources to help you master your studies. While you have the flexibility to choose different study support options to suit your learning style, we recommend a four-step learning approach using your study guide alongside the online resources available via My Online Learning.

Within MYOL, you’ll find a link to access your Guided Learning resources, housed by our official learning partner, KnowledgEquity. Most of your study resources now feature as part of the guided learning experience.

Before you begin, watch the Study Essentials webinar best suited to your stage in the CPA Program. The webinars include advice about your exam and tips to help you develop an effective study routine.

Then, you’ll be ready to begin the four-step study process outlined below.


Step one is to learn the material of each module. We recommend that you focus on one module at a time by watching the short video tutorials in Guided Learning and then reading the relevant pages within your study guide. Remember, your study guide contains all examinable content for the subject, so be sure to refer to this throughout the semester. Your study guide will be available in My Online Learning before the commencement of the semester. You can also track the delivery of your printed study guide via My CPA Program.


Step two is to practice. This is your chance to test and apply the knowledge you’ve learnt. Work through the module quizzes and mid-semester practice test available in Guided Learning. The detailed solutions will help you understand any areas of weakness, so you can evaluate how you are progressing. For all compulsory subjects, you can also test yourself on-the-go using the Quitch app.


Step three is to review and consolidate. Watch the weekly webinar in Guided Learning to summarise what you’ve learnt – but be careful - this doesn’t cover all of the knowledge required for the exam, you will still need to complete the recommended reading! You can also refer to the Ask the Expert forums to clarify any content that may be unclear.

Practice makes perfect - we recommend you repeat this sequence for each module before moving to the next.


After learning, practicing and reviewing, it’s time to complete. Watch the exam preparation webinar and attempt the end of semester practice exams in Guided Learning to test your knowledge of the entire subject. This allows you to simulate the exam experience, managing your time carefully in a full-length practice environment.

Optional extra resources

Library resources

If you’re having difficulty with a particular subject or topic, our qualified Library staff can help source relevant resources that may assist you. The library services are available at all times for CPA Australia members.

Face-to-face tuition

We've partnered with approved tuition providers to deliver face-to-face services for those who prefer a classroom environment.

BPP Passcards and revision kits

Through our partner, BPP Learning Media, you can access a suite of revision materials written by professionally qualified specialists specifically to support the CPA Program. 

Contact us

Remember, we’re here to help. You can contact us anytime - or visit your local Division office to talk to us about your CPA Program study options.