Exam results for Semester 2 2020 will be available from Friday 11 December. Access your results via results.cpaaustralia.com.au. You may also print a professional copy of your results if required.

Your exam results can be accessed at results.cpaaustralia.com.au and a professional copy can be printed if required.

Your exam results are presented as a scaled score along with a grade and a candidate exam report. As the exam structure in Semester 1 differed from prior semesters, your Candidate Exam Report will also differ slightly, and will not include a representation of your performance in each module.

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Your scaled score

We use a scaled score model to assess exams. The CPA Program assessment scale has a range of 100 – 900.

The pass mark for all CPA Program exams is set at 540.

Scaled score

Understanding scaled scoring

We create multiple versions of exams for every CPA Program subject so that we can offer you a variety of exam dates and times. Great care is taken to ensure all versions of our exams have minimal variance, but not every exam is able to be exactly alike, as different versions will have different questions that may examine different learning objectives within the subject.

The use of a scaled score equates exam results across different exam versions. This provides a fair, equivalent score and reflects your performance more accurately than a percentage. We don’t report the percentage of questions candidates answered correctly as a percentage score would not allow for equivalent analysis of your levels of underlying knowledge, ability and skills. 

It’s important to note that your scaled score isn't an indication of how you performed on your exam against your peers. It's an accurate representation of your individual exam performance.

For more information on understanding your exam result, watch our video below.

Your exam grade

In addition to receiving a scaled score, your result will be expressed as a grade. The ranges of grades available for the CPA Program are:  

CPA Program results 

If you’re disappointed with your exam result

Though it can be unsettling when you’ve not performed as well as you had intended, it’s important to remember:

  • A scaled score indicates your exam performance more accurately, regardless of the exam paper you sat.
  • We recruit a panel of over 450 CPA and FCPA designated accounting professionals with specialist subject knowledge to assess exam papers. These professionals also ensure the content of our exams remains relevant to new developments in the profession each year. 
  • Due to the rigorous procedures outlined above, we have a firm policy that we do not remark our exams.
  • We also have extra resources available from our registered tuition partners to improve your probability of an improved exam result the next time you sit.

Due to the rigorous procedures outlined above, we have a firm policy that we do not remark our exams. For more information about our marking process, watch our video.