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After completing your exam, you will see either a Pass or Fail result on your screen. This result is in relation to the passing score for your subject.

For online proctored exams, a detailed breakdown of your result will be available in My CPA Program 72 hours after you finish your exam. This includes your performance under each learning objective.

For test centre computer-based exams, you'll receive a printed student feedback report at the test centre. Your results can also be accessed online in My CPA Program 72 hours after you have completed your exam.

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Foundation exams FAQs

If you have more questions about your foundation exam, check out our foundation exam FAQs to find the answers.

Exam checklists

If you’ve scheduled or you’re interested in scheduling an online proctored foundation exam, you may find our checklist helpful in preparing and ensuring you’re well equipped to succeed on the day.

Device checklist
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Please refer to this device checklist for a full list of requirements and instructions.