How do I apply?

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Migration assessment

Note: Application best completed on a desktop computer.

How do I apply?

Skills assessment (provisional and full)

Use our online application form to apply for your assessment. Your reference number and acknowledgement letter will be automatically emailed to you once you complete this application form. You will need to scan and email, or post your documents to us. Details will be provided in the acknowledgement email.

Note: If you are already a member of CPA Australia or have previously received a migration assessment outcome, ensure you log into the website before beginning this form.

Updating, appealing or applying for an additional ANZSCO code

See: next steps after my assessment.

Migration agent information

When acting on behalf of a client, you will need to provide either: 

  • a Form 956 
  • a letter of authority.

Letters of authority must include the client’s signature, full name and date of birth. It must identify you by your name, company name, postal and email addresses.