Malaysia Taxation

Content Summary

Study options for Malaysia taxation subjects

Since Semester 2 2018, CPA Australia has no longer offered the subject Malaysia Taxation directly through the CPA Program.

Members are able to study an equivalent subject through our partner university, Sunway TES, and will receive recognition of that study in the CPA Program.

CPA Australia and Sunway TES have an existing partnership to provide tuition for the CPA Program. Our ongoing relationship ensures Sunway TES is expertly placed to deliver this local taxation solution for members in Malaysia.

The Sunway TES Malaysia Taxation subject content is aligned to the former CPA Program subject, Malaysia Taxation. The subject content will undergo regular review to ensure it meets CPA Australia's stringent expectations of a post-graduate unit of taxation.

When to choose Malaysia Taxation

If you have not satisfied CPA Australia's tax competency requirement you are advised to study Australia Taxation as a requirement to become a CPA. However, if you're based in Malaysia and intend to pursue a career in Malaysia, it may be more appropriate to complete taxation study in your local jurisdiction. Malaysia Taxation has been developed for this purpose.

What to expect

To complete Malaysia Taxation, you will be required to:

  1. Enrol with Sunway TES by contacting Ms Michelle Choo at [email protected]
  2. Follow instructions provided by the university, study using the resources provided by Sunway TES and sit an exam with the university.
  3. When you successfully complete the subject and receive an official statement of your exam result, submit this to CPA Australia for recognition as an elective unit of study in the CPA Program.

How to apply for recognition

  1. Log in to our website using your member ID or email address along with your website password.
  2. Within 'My Membership', select 'Apply for update'.
  3. Select 'Start Application' and move to 'Education', where you can search for and add the unit of study you completed with Sunway TES.
  4. Move to 'Documents' and upload your statement of results as a supporting document.

Once approved, when you log into My CPA Program you'll see that you have received an elective exemption.

You'll then only be required to complete one elective, in addition to the compulsory subjects, to satisfy the CPA Program.