Reasonable adjustments for exams

Content Summary

Our reasonable adjustments policy

CPA Australia's Reasonable Adjustments policy draws directly from The Disability Standards for Education (2005) (Standards) formulated under the Disability Discrimination Act (Cth) (DDA).

The main purpose of the Standards is to clarify the obligations of Education Providers and Educational Authority under the DDA and the rights of people with disabilities in relation to education and training.

In assessing whether an adjustment is reasonable, CPA Australia will consider:

  • the nature of your disability
  • the information provided by you, or on your behalf about how the disability affects your ability to participate
  • your views, or those of an associate, about whether a proposed adjustment is reasonable and will help you access and participate in the CPA Program on the same basis as candidates without disabilities
  • information provided by you, or on your behalf of, the candidate about your preferred adjustments
  • the effect of the proposed adjustment including your ability to participate in the CPA Program and achieve learning outcomes
  • the effect of the proposed adjustment on anyone else affected, including CPA Australia, staff and other candidates
  • the costs and benefits of making the adjustment
  • who will provide the assistance, for example you or CPA Australia

Apply for a reasonable adjustment

Available adjustments

A range of adjustments are available to candidates.

Learning materials

  • Study Guide adjustments such as larger font


  • Exam time adjustments, for example extending the time by one hour
  • Allowing candidates a five-minute break every 30 minutes
  • Exam materials adjustments such as larger fonts
  • Supplying candidates with equipment such as an ergonomic keyboard

Adjustments must be requested by a medical practitioner and submitted as part of your supporting medical documentation.

Requests for reasonable adjustment

In making a Reasonable Adjustment, CPA Australia will ensure that the educational integrity of the CPA Program assessment requirements and processes are maintained. CPA Australia will act upon information about an adjustment in a timely way that optimises participation in the CPA Program.

When considering a request for a Reasonable Adjustment, we will:

  • thoroughly consider how an adjustment might be made
  • discuss this directly with you
  • consult relevant sources of advice
  • respond as quickly as possible.

You must submit your request and supporting medical documentation via email to [email protected].

Applying for a reasonable adjustment

You should apply for a Reasonable Adjustment by the advertised closing date. Although every effort will be made, we may not be able to accommodate requests sent after the closing date.

If you apply for a Reasonable Adjustment in your exam:

  • you won't be able to schedule your exam appointment via My CPA Program, you'll need to schedule it directly with us
  • you'll need to be prepared to sit your exam at any available date and time during exam period, and at the closest available venue to your residential address
  • your exam appointment and Reasonable Adjustments will be confirmed within four weeks of your application. Please allow a full four weeks before contacting us.

If you apply for Reasonable Adjustments, you are not automatically granted special consideration for your exam. You should apply each semester if your condition has impacted your studies leading up to the exam, or if any of the other grounds for special consideration have impacted your exam performance or studies during the semester.