Academic misconduct policy

Content Summary

Policy background

CPA Australia is a professional member organisation and has a responsibility to protect, defend and exemplify the ethical standards required of all its members. Therefore, CPA Australia must identify, investigate and respond to any incident that may threaten the integrity of the CPA Program and the ethical standards of the organisation to ensure a robust and equitable pathway for any Associate member to become a qualified professional.

CPA Program prohibits any academic misconduct, which is defined as an action(s) or behaviour likely to result in an unfair academic advantage, whether by advantaging a candidate or disadvantaging another, be it intentional or reckless.

All candidates sitting a CPA Program or Foundation exam have agreed to protect the integrity of the exams through reading and agreeing to the following:

  • The terms and conditions and the relevant rules and regulations (CPA Program or Foundation exams), including the non-disclosure agreement and privacy statement as part of their enrolment.
  • The exam delivery partner's (Pearson VUE) exam rules when they schedule a test centre or online proctored exam for a Foundation Exam or CPA Program exam
  • The confidentiality agreement presented before commencing all computer-based and online proctored exams

Any breach to any of the above is considered as a breach to the CPA Australia Constitution and will be subject to disciplinary action undertaken by CPA Australia's Professional Conduct Unit.