The CPA Australia Board of Directors governs five committees that assist the board in their decision-making and policy processes. All committee members are appointed by the board.

Audit Risk and Compliance Committee

The Audit Risk and Compliance Committee assists the board in the areas of statutory reporting, internal control systems, risk management systems, insurance and legal proceedings, and the internal and external audit functions.

Audit Risk and Compliance Charter – 9 December 2019 (PDF)

Finance and Policy Committee

The primary function of the Finance and Policy Committee is to assist the board to develop financial strategies for CPA Australia. These strategies include managing budgetary processes and strategic finance management, improving the quality of internal and external reporting, and ensuring correlation between organisational key performance indicators and related financial information.

Finance and Policy Committee Charter – 9 December 2019 (PDF)

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee’s role is to assist the Board and Appointments Council in the effective discharge of their responsibilities, having regard to the law, the highest standards of governance, and the diversity of the membership.

It is responsible for, among other things: 

  • assessment and recommendation to the Appointments Council candidates for appointment to the Board
  • advising the Board and Appointments Council on succession plans for the Board.

The Nomination Committee comprises two directors, two members of the Appointments Council, and two independent members:


Members of the Appointments Council

  • Andrew Dow (South Australia)
  • Richard Morton (New South Wales)


  • Business Law Specialist, Geoff Rees 
  • Clinical Professor, Leanne Rowe AM

The external independents bring decades of corporate and governance experience.

Geoff Rees is a highly experienced commercial lawyer, former Chairman of the Legal Practitioners Liability Committee, long term Director of the commercialisation entity of the University of Melbourne and Victorian editor of Business Law and General Counsel modules of LexisNexis Practical Guidance.

Clinical Professor Leanne Rowe AM (Doctor of Medicine, MB BS, FRACGP, Dip RACOG, FAICD, HonLLD) is a medical practitioner and former non-executive director at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Medibank Private and beyondblue, and former Deputy Chancellor at Monash University.

Nomination Committee Charter – 31 August 2020 (PDF)

Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee’s role is to act in an advisory capacity in relation to matters involving member engagement with all of CPA Australia’s members by:

  • providing advice to the Board on member-related strategies
  • providing advice to the Board on member services and product (at a strategic level)
  • advising on and maximising the effectiveness of communications with members and other key stakeholders
  • doing all it reasonably can to protect and enhance the external reputation of CPA Australia.

Member Engagement Committee Charter – 9 December 2019 (PDF)

People, Remuneration and Culture Committee

The People, Remuneration and Culture committee assists the board in fulfilling its statutory, corporate governance and oversight responsibilities relating to the people, remuneration and culture of CPA Australia.

People, Remuneration and Culture Committee – 9 December 2019 (PDF)