NT 50 Years Celebration

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Looking forward, looking back: How we celebrated 50 years

On 3 June 1965 a group of accountants formalised a professional group in Darwin, called the Northern Territory Group. These accountants elected a Chairman, resolved to submit a budget of a grand total £75.00 to the Registrar in South Australia, and that an inaugural meeting of the group be convened in the following weeks. What stemmed from this was the inception of the Northern Territory branch of CPA Australia.

In the 50 years since the Northern Territory Branch was established, the Territory and the profession have changed dramatically, but CPA Australia’s focus on technical rigour, integrity and innovative thinking endures, and members remain at the heart of what we do.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the formal foundation of CPA Australia in the Northern Territory, we’ve taken a look back through our archives, revealing half a century of milestones and achievements by members and the Branch Council. Our proud history has been carefully documented and preserved, right back to the handwritten minutes of the very first meeting of the Branch Council.

Members of the Branch Council worked tirelessly to bring this history to life through the 50 Stories for 50 Years project, collecting profiles and stories from NT CPAs that demonstrate their contributions to the advancement of the profession. This initiative has revealed the evolution of accounting in the Territory, showing us how far we’ve come through the sheer scope of the sectors and roles NT CPAs have filled. These stories have been collated and are available for viewing in the Northern Territory office, as well as online.

CPA Australia President Graeme Wade launched the official celebrations for the 50th anniversary, including the opening of the Northern Territory library exhibition, which providedvisitors with the opportunity to experience these traces of history firsthand. We arranged for a Parliamentary reception for our members and special guests, hosted by the Chief Minister, The Honourable Adam Giles, and at our Past Presidents dinner, 25 of 32 Past Presidents were able to join us for the celebration, including our Founding Chairman.

Our founding fathers, Messrs. DH England (Chairman), RN Collins, DP Lampe, JC McRae and RD Oaten were instrumental in the establishment of the accounting profession in the Territory, creating an environment where CPAs could contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Territory. We will continue to uphold their legacy, for the next 50 years and beyond. Our history is proud and our future is bright in the Northern Territory.