Woon Chin Yin CPA (Aust.)

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Woon Chin Yin CPA (Aust.)

woo-chin-yinOvercoming her fears and setting goals are pivotal in Woon Chin Yin’s life. The 31-year old tax and audit consultant is always on the lookout for activities that would drag her outside her comfort zone. “I was naturally a shy person and was terrified of public speaking but I knew I had to overcome it in order to jumpstart my career. I joined Toastmasters and two years later, I was conducting seminars on GST all across Malaysia,” she said proudly.

Between 2014 and 2015, Chin Yin conducted over 30 GST seminars in Malaysia and, now, also provides training on producing annual budget proposals for her clients. Chin Yin, who started as an Audit Associate with BDO Malaysia in 2007, is currently working with her sister in CJ Woon & Co.

Outside the office, Chin Yin continues to set herself goals. An advocate of outdoor activities and a strong believer in striking the right work-life balance to achieve sound mindset, Chin Yin participates in marathons and hikes. “I had always disliked exercising but when I started running in marathons, it helped me build my self-confidence. For over three years now, I have participated in more than 30 marathons,” said Chin Yin, who has also successfully climbed the 5000-foot Mount Yellow. Aside from this, she also regularly undertakes volunteer work, among them, the SEATRU volunteer program which is a research and conservation project for marine turtles.

Asked about her biggest career accomplishment to date, Chin Yin said helping individuals to better themselves to realise their potential gave her a lot of satisfaction. “My biggest accomplishment is in educating my colleagues and making them better. I always believe that to build ourselves, we first need to build others,” said Chin Yin, who credits the CPA Program for giving her the fundamentals she needed to progress in her career, particularly the subjects focusing on management, strategy and leadership skills.