The Foo family

Joseph Foo, a Partner in Foo Boon Fong & Co and one time Kuantan coordinator for CPA Australia, has been a member of CPA Australia since 1989. But he isn’t the only one. His father, Dato’ Foo Boon Fong, wife, Magdeline Tan, sister, Molly Foo and cousin, Christina Foo are also CPA Australia members.

“It was a natural transition for us to take up the CPA Program as we were all studying in Australia. My father and uncles, who are also accountants themselves, were very supportive of us,” said Joseph.

It was in Australia that Joseph met his wife, Magdeline, who was originally studying law, but eventually made the switch to accounting. “I remember thinking that accounting was so rigid. But as the years went by and I started to learn and understand more, my perspective of it changed,” she said.

Molly who started working at the family’s firm after she graduated, said that the CPA designation allowed her clients to have more trust in her. “Clients tend to have more faith in you if you are professionally qualified. Since CPA Australia is globally recognised, the designation provides that recognition to us, and it has definitely helped us in our careers,” she said.

Christina also agreed that the designation provides accountants with credibility. “The subjects are very relevant as it provides a holistic approach towards accounting,” she said.

Being accountants in a small town in Kuantan, Pahang, the Foo family have always been very supportive of the community by providing pro-bono accounting services to smaller firms and organisations.

“We do work for churches and charitable organisations that support children’s homes and orphanages. We provide them with financial advise and make sure their accounts and paperwork are all in order. In return, they give us their harvest and blessings. I feel that is one of the benefits of being in a small town,” said Magdeline.

Foo Boon Fong & Co was founded in 1963 by Dato’ Foo Boon Fong who became a CPA Australia member a year later. Fifty three years later, he is still an active partner in the firm, finding time to enjoy camping, windsurfing, horseback riding and a variety of water sports including diving.

The Foos are a tightly knitted family that works together and shares a love for the outdoors. “My dad would always organise camping and boating trips. He would charter a boat for family and friends, anywhere from 40-50 people, and we would take it out to sea for some diving and to enjoy each other’s company,” Joseph said fondly.