Joseph Joshua Ishvar Ravindran ASA

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Joseph Joshua Ishvar Ravindran ASA

joseph-ravindranJoseph is an aspiring surgeon turned accountant, who said that he will always remain a doctor at heart. "I changed my mind about medical school as the number of students taking up medicine at that time was staggering. I would pursue the dream given the chance. At the end of the day, I feel passion should meet its purpose," said Joseph.

The 25-year old is currently an Audit Associate with KPMG Malaysia and is completing his final CPA Program subject in addition to working at a Big Four firm. "Audit is rough and challenging but it is in audit that we strengthen our fundamental accounting knowledge. Life is definitely not a bed of roses but it comes with invaluable experience," said Joseph, adding that he would like to move into an advisory role and help clients improve their businesses.

He is currently the auditor in charge of several audit accounts and has managed to close deals with the companies concerned. Joseph was among the select few who were chosen to participate in the Khazanah Kembara program, an initiative led by Khazanah Nasional aiming to transform youths beyond skills. "The focus session we had with the two senior vice-presidents of Khazanah Nasional was a rare and enlightening experience," said Joseph.

In addition, Joseph is a chess buff and public speaking extraordinaire who has won several state and national competitions. He was the valedictorian for the Class of 2013, University of Hertfordshire (INTI campus), and graduated with First Class Honours.

Joseph grew up in a household where serving others was an important characteristic upheld by his parents. "I have always gained satisfaction from sharing my knowledge and helping others. This is my passion. I hope as an accountant, I will have the opportunity to serve others. My motto and philosophies are vital in keeping me focused on the task at hand and to motivate me when it’s necessary," he said.