Alvin Wong CPA (Aust.)

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Alvin Wong CPA (Aust.)

Alvin Wong did not have a smooth start to his CPA Program. When he joined in 2003 and failed his first paper, he lost his motivation and was uncertain if he should re-take the examination. So he deferred the paper to the following year only to fail for the second time. At this time, Alvin was unsure if he was going to complete the program. However, his second job proved to be an enlightening experience which drove him to achieve his CPA status in just two and a half years.

“I did not have the time to commit and I wasn’t very serious or motivated about my studies,” he admitted. Graduating from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelors in Accounting and IT in 2002, he started a job as an Assistant Accountant at a sunglass retail company where he worked for three years.

In 2006, he changed jobs and joined Sun Microsystems Australia in Sydney as a Financial Accountant. Being in a team of 12 accountants, Alvin realised that a professional qualification was essential to sustain him in the industry. He immersed himself in his studies and before he left the company three years later, he was a full-fledged CPA.

Armed with work experience, a professional qualification and renewed confidence, Alvin developed his career and took the plunge in a recycled plastic manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China. He spent three and a half years as a Finance and Administration Manager in the company, travelling extensively between China and Hong Kong.

“It was a new and exciting business. I managed to setup a manufacturing factory in Huizhou, China by hiring 200 people and starting production lines. It was fully operational in just two months. It was a fantastic experience,” said Alvin. While working in China, he also had the opportunity to conduct potential market research in Hanoi and Jakarta.

Missing home and his parents, Alvin returned to Malaysia and joined Pantai Medical Centre in 2013 as a Senior Finance Manager. “I spent 12 years overseas and realised that it was time for me to come back to be with the family and to take care of my parents,” he added.

At Pantai Medical Centre, Alvin said that being new in the healthcare line was quite challenging especially in learning the different terms and jargons and dealing with the medical facility. Asked on what his career plans were, Alvin said that he was keen to go back to Australia and explore new career opportunities. At the moment though, he is happy to cook for his loved ones and immerse himself in Sherlock Holmes mystery novel.