Accounting for success

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60 years in Hong Kong

Member stories: Accounting for success

A major step in the development of CPA Australia’s presence in Hong Kong was the establishment of the ASA Hong Kong Group, which met regularly to exchange information on the latest developments in the accounting profession in Australia and Hong Kong. Robert Lee Shiu-hung FCPA (Aust.) attended the first meeting in the 1950s, along with senior government officials, legislative councillors, and luminaries from the world of business. Lee subsequently became founding Divisional President of CPA Australia in Hong Kong in 1986. “In the 1950s and 1960s, accountants were in great demand in Hong Kong, but there was no local professional accounting body,” Lee recalls. “After returning from Australia, many of us joined reputable multinationals as financial controllers or chief accountants, and this provided a solid foundation for the recognition of our professional body. Today, of course, the CPA Program can be completed in almost every part of the world, so access to knowledge and information is much easier. We can see that members are playing an increasingly important part in many areas of international business.”

From the 1960s to the 1980s, Lee was instrumental in organising seminars, workshops and social gatherings. This created the template for the wide range of activities which helped members meet and learn from peers, regulators, and other professionals. Over the years, such events have served to highlight developments affecting the accounting profession.

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