Hong Kong 60 year celebration

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60 years in Hong Kong

The Australian Government launched the Colombo Plan in the 1950s with the aim of strengthening the country’s ties with Asia. The scheme provided opportunities for students in Hong Kong to travel to Australia to study accounting. Returning graduates became members of CPA Australia continued to have close ties with the Australian accounting and business community.

In 1955, a local Committee was formed and a representative was appointed in Hong Kong. Since then, CPA Australia has expanded its influence with a remarkable growth of membership and advocacy in Hong Kong.

With strong and enduring relationships with policymakers and regulators, CPA Australia has raised to be a globally respected professional accounting and financial body. The organisation provides thought leadership and influence on major issues, policies and regulations that are connected to the accounting profession in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China.

With more than 155,000 members across 118 countries and over 17,000 members in Greater China, our members play a fundamental role in establishing stability, efficiency and sustainability of individual companies, financial markets and the economies of Greater China.