Our Members agree to be bound by CPA Australia’s Constitution, By-Laws and Applicable Regulations. Our complaints process is an important step in ensuring these standards are upheld by all members. 

Members must comply with the Code of Professional Conduct which requires them to:

  • act ethically, confidentially, independently and objectively in the public interest
  • act with due care and competence
  • comply with technical and professional standards and CPA Australia’s Constitution and By-Laws
  • act ethically and professionally with regard to professional fees, client monies, changes in professional appointments, referrals, and timely attention to correspondence and enquiries.

Complaints about members will be investigated and if necessary heard and evaluated by CPA Australia. Where appropriate, disciplinary action may be taken.

Before making a complaint, you should attempt to resolve the matter directly with the member. If this is unsuccessful, complete a member complaint form and send it to CPA Australia.

All complaints must be in writing, be supported by documentary evidence, show the name and address of the complainant and the complaint form must be signed by the complainant. We will acknowledge your written complaint and advise you of further procedures.