CPA Australia demands compensation for Victorian businesses

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  • Governments urged to deliver immediate and backdated financial support for business.

CPA Australia has called on the Victorian Government to compensate businesses for losses incurred since the last state-wide lockdown ended on the 27th of July. In addition, they must immediately announce business supports for the current lock down and deliver these urgently.

CPA Australia chief executive Andrew Hunter said, “Businesses are not light bulbs; you can’t just switch them on and off. Victorian businesses have not had time to re-establish their cashflow and many are still re-building their perishable inventory. It’s frankly heartbreaking what they’re going through right now. “

The brevity of Victoria’s re-opening on this occasion will significantly compound business losses.

“Lockdowns are important public health measures. At the same time, they deny or reduce a business owner’s ability to earn a living. They need to be compensated appropriately for their sacrifice.

“This is a Victorian decision but a national issue. New South Wales and Queensland businesses are also operating on a knife’s edge right now. Governments around the country need to give greater consideration to the welfare of the business sector and its employees.”

CPA Australia has repeatedly asked governments to provide details of business support packages when lockdowns are announced, not in the days or weeks afterwards.

“I’m extremely disappointed that business supports were not shared when the lockdown was announced. These announcements should go hand in glove.”

In July, CPA Australia proposed a five point plan for providing post-lockdown business support. Our plan included tapered support for small and medium businesses in the period immediately post-lockdown.

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