Inclusion and diversity policy

Content Summary

The framework by which CPA Australia and its subsidiaries (CPA Australia) actively manages and encourages inclusion and diversity across the organisation.

Introduced: August 2011
Last revised: May 2018

People are the heart of what we do at CPA Australia and we believe inclusion and diversity is a business imperative.

We want to create an environment that enables our people to thrive and achieve their life goals.

Our goal is to create a culture that is diverse, inclusive and respects and celebrates our differences.

Creating a safe, respectful and inclusive place to work will provide an essential foundation for our people to successfully contribute to meeting the CPA Australia objectives, enhance our global reputation, improve the member experience and achieve sustainable business results.


This policy applies to:

  • CPA Australia’s Board of Directors
  • membership committees appointed by either the Board or management
  • all CPA Australia employees, and contractors of our organisation
  • persons seeking employment with our organisation


Valuing and managing diversity means CPA Australia will:

  • promote and encourage a diverse and inclusive workforce by fostering an environment of mutual learning, respect, dignity, openness to other cultures and an appreciation of difference and other perspectives
  • attract and retain a Board of Directors whose composition reflects a diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, experience and abilities
    seek to ensure that the composition of membership committees appointed by either the Board or management will reflect a diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, experience and abilities
  • seek to ensure that its business practices, systems and processes do not prevent people from diverse backgrounds having equality of opportunity within the organisation.

Workforce inclusion and diversity

To achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce, CPA Australia supports the following practices.

Board and management appointed committees inclusion and diversity

Reporting and compliance

Supporting policies

This policy is supported by the following policies:

  • Code of conduct: Code of conduct for CPA Australia
    Employment conditions policy: Information on working hours and conditions for Australian based employees
  • Equal employment opportunities policy: Details definitions of harassment, bullying discrimination, equal opportunity and how to report an incident
  • Flexible work policy: Outlines the types of flexible working arrangements available and the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in the application and approval process
  • Leave policy: Outlines leave arrangements for all employee leave excluding parental leave
  • Parental leave policy: Details arrangements for maternity leave, paternity/partner leave and adoption leave
  • Recruitment policy: Information on recruitment matters including the recruitment and request for appointment process, criminal history checks, use of recruitment agencies, employment of relatives and the employee referral program
  • Remuneration and reward policy: Policy regarding remuneration packaging, the annual remuneration review process, job evaluation methodology, incentive schemes, achievement awards and higher duties allowance
  • Working from home policy: Procedures and conditions for managers and employees to follow when an employee works from home on an ad hoc basis
  • Family and domestic violence policy

Employing people with a disability

Workplace diversity and inclusion can improve:

  • employee engagement and wellbeing
  • employee retention and loyalty
  • performance and innovation
  • brand reputation
  • services to customers.

CPA Australia works in partnership with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Purple Orange, and the South Australian Disability Employment Finance Industry Group to provide tools and information that create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. These tools can also help you to understand best practice in supporting employment for people with a disability.

To view the latest resources, visit the Purple Orange website