Employee collection notice

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This collection notice should be read in conjunction with the CPA Australia Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy). This collection notice applies to anyone who applies to become an employee of CPA Australia or who is employed by CPA Australia, including contingent workers1.

Types of personal information We collect and handle

We will collect and retain the information and supporting documentation you provide Us through an expression of interest or application for employment, including information We receive or request from a third party in connection with recruiting activities, provided by referees and anything which may be recorded during or after the interview process.

If you apply through a recruitment agency, your personal information will be stored on their database.

During the application process you may provide Us with the personal information of others (eg name and contact details for referees). By providing Us their personal information, you confirm that you have the requisite consent to share that personal information with Us for the purposes set out in this notice. You should let them know you have provided Us with their information and that they can access their personal information retained by Us by contacting Our Privacy Officer.

If your application is successful, the information will become part of your employment record which will include all other information collected throughout your employment and We will provide you with a unique employee identification number.

Sensitive or special category data

We will only collect this type of information with your consent and when necessary to facilitate your employment with Us.

What We do with your personal information

In addition to the purposes outlined in Our Privacy Policy your personal information may also be collected, used or disclosed for the following purposes:

  • to assess your application and eligibility for employment and, if successful, managing your employment with Us
  • to determine and process your pay and other entitlements
  • to support you in your work with Us
  • to inform you of the facilities and services available to you as an employee
  • to operate governance, disciplinary, grievance and quality assurance processes and arrangements;
  • for a secondary purpose for which you would reasonably expect Us to use or disclose your personal information, and
  • for purposes to which you consent or as otherwise permitted by law.

If your application is unsuccessful, We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is handled in accordance with Our record keeping policy. If you wish to have your personal information removed from Our records please email people&[email protected] with the subject line “Remove from records”.

We will obtain your consent for any specific use of your personal information not covered by this collection notice or Our Privacy Policy.

With whom do We share your personal information

We may disclose your personal information to third parties including the following:

  • your nominated financial institution, superannuation scheme and organisations that provide salary packaging or employee benefits to eligible and participating employees
  • government departments such as the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or their international equivalents
  • contracted service providers used to perform services on Our behalf such as recruitment and background check services
  • in the event of an emergency, police, medical or hospital personnel, civil emergency services, your legal representative or nominated emergency contact person, or other persons assessed as necessary to respond to the emergency.

The above may involve the transfer of your personal information outside of Australia or the country in which you reside as outlined in Our Privacy Policy.

Contact us

Please contact Our Privacy Officer if you have questions relating to this privacy collection notice by:

  • email: [email protected]
  • telephone: 1300 73 73 73 (within Australia), +61 3 9606 9677 (outside of Australia)
  • mail: CPA Australia, Level 20, 28 Freshwater Place, Southbank, Victoria 3006, Australia.

You have the right to request access to and correction of the personal information We hold about you. Please see Our Privacy Policy for more information.


Updated July 2021.


1 A contingent worker is a worker engaged to supplement CPA Australia’s core workforce to provide a specific deliverable and/or service for a limited period of time. Different types of contingent workers includes Agency temps/contractors, consultants, interns, work experience, independent contractors - Pty Ltd/corporate entity or individual trader (may hold an ABN).