CPA Australia was honoured to be a co-host of the World Congress of Accountants 2018, a momentous event for the global accountancy profession. The international accounting conference brought together finance leaders, policy setters, accountants and business leaders in a world-class business event that embraced the future of our profession.

Over four thought-provoking days, we captured exclusive interviews, in-depth articles and videos showcasing the latest ideas and developments in the industry and what they mean for you.

Access your full WCOA coverage below.


From blockchain and IR to workplace creativity, explore the best of our thought-provoking coverage of the big issues impacting accounting and finance at WCOA 2018.

The human factor: Harnessing creativity and innovation
Does ethical investment pay higher returns?
Hunting Bernie Madoff, the wizard of lies
Rebuilding trust through integrated reporting
Blockchain: the future of record-keeping

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