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Delegates at Congress 2019 were captivated with content from acclaimed thought leaders who are leading the way with artificial intelligence, digital money and the future of finance. You will find details on the quality 2019 program below. CPA Congress will be back in 2020 with another engaging program.

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Thursday 10 October

8.30AM - 9.00AM
Registration and arrival
9.00AM - 9.15AM
Official opening and welcome to country
9.15AM - 10.00AM
KN1: Reimagining the future through the lens of digitisation and automa…

Science and technology are creating a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. Future Crunch will help you to generate optimism and shift perceptions to create new and better ways of doing things in the 21st of century.

  • Tané Hunter
    Cancer Researcher and Big Data Scientist, Future Crunch

    Tané is a big-data scientist, cancer researcher and bioinformatician. He's a co-founder of Future Crunch, as well as data analytics startup, Lighthouse.

    He holds a Masters in Bioinformatics from the University of Melbourne and has worked for the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital diagnosing rare genetic diseases using by analysing DNA with data-mining and machine learning.

    He believes that cognitive code can help solve some of the biggest problems in finance, business and science. He is currently completing his PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, using molecular biomarkers in DNA and analysing them using artificial intelligence to improve treatments for people suffering from cancer. He's also a former US mountain biking champion and an avid sailor.

10.00AM - 10.30AM
Morning tea
10.30AM - 11.15AM
KN2: Future of Finance: Digital Money and Blockchain
Nathana O’Brien Sharma is based out of Silicon Valley and is at the forefront of the virtual currency and blockchain revolution. Finance professionals will need to understand the benefits of virtual currency versus traditional capital raising opportunities.

Digital assets are the main use for blockchain, over $3 Trillion of business value in the future will be generated by Blockchain technology. Nathana will discuss some of the world’s most cutting edge Blockchain uses and pilots to demonstrate how this technology is solving some of the most complex business and finance problems.
  • Nathana O'Brien Sharma
    Faculty, Blockchain, Policy, Law & Ethics, Singularity University Nathana O'Brien Sharma is a Faculty member at Singularity University, where she writes and speaks for international audiences on the future of technology, law and business. Nathana is also General Counsel at Labelbox, one of the most exciting artificial intelligence startups in the Silicon Valley today.

    Nathana worked as an Intellectual Property Associate at Gunderson Dettmer, a leading emerging company and venture capital law firm. While at Gunderson Dettmer, Nathana helped a range of technology companies on data privacy and cyber security strategy. She has also worked at the Israeli Supreme Court and the Center for Creative Technologies.

    Nathana is a JD/MBA graduate of Yale Law School and the Yale School of Management, as well as Singularity University's 2012 Graduate Studies Program.
11.20AM - 12.00PM
KN3: Creating the future - the economic game-changers and megatrends im…
With major global events impacting our economy and increasingly advanced technologies being developed, businesses need to get ahead of the curve. Bringing together an economist and futurist, we explore what the future might look like. Gain insight into the macroeconomic issues influencing the local and national economies and stretch your thinking away from your everyday business issues, so you are can take advantage of megatrends that will shape how we live our lives.
  • Steve Sammartino
    Futurist Steve Sammartino wrote his first lines of computer code at age 10. He is one of Australia’s most respected futurists and business technologists. He has an incredible ability to make sense of how emerging technology applies to your industry. He is a born entrepreneur and had his first startup at age 12 – an organic egg farm before the words “organic” or “startup” had been invented! He even started a clothing business part-time and managed to build up the business to a point where he sold it. He used to start work at 5am, sell to customers at lunch time and do administration at night.

    After completing studies in Economics and Finance at university he worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies including Proctor & Gamble, SAB Miller, Kimberly Clark, Mondelez (Kraft / Cadbury), WPP (the world’s biggest media company). He held many senior positions culminating in Directorships before deciding to revert to his true passion for technology. His experience means he intimately understands the disruptive forces many established companies are facing today.

    Steve has had multiple technology startups and he launched one of the first ‘Sharing Economy’ startups, before Uber or Airbnb. Steve had a successful exit selling the startup to a public company. He now invests in emerging technologies and has multiple advisory board positions in startups involved in a variety of disruptive technologies across the Airline Industry, Automotive, Real Estate & Co-working, Internet of things, Quantified Self, Mobile applications, and 3D Printing technologies. Steve is heavily involved in the startup scene in Shanghai, China and has a passion for the culture. He travels there regularly for business and even speaks Mandarin.

    Extreme projects are something Steve loves doing, in order to demonstrate what is possible today. He knows how to generate attention in the modern age of marketing with a number of his viral videos to his name. He recently built a full-size driveable lego car from 500,000 pieces. It has an engine made completely from Lego, and it runs on air. He also crowdfunded the project on Twitter. It has over 8 million views on Youtube and was a global news story. He also put a toy space ship into earth orbit for under $2000 to prove how cheap powerful technology has become.

    His debut book, ‘The Great Fragmentation’ is a technology strategy manifesto for the modern age. It has been translated into multiple languages and has received rave reviews from some of the world’s leading business thinkers. It has a 5-star rating on Amazon. In 2017 Steve published his highly anticipated second book, ‘The Lessons School Forgot, How to hack your way through the technology revolution’.

    A media commentator on technology and the future, Steve is a regular on the ABC and provides expert assessment on the rapidly evolving technology sector. He has also been featured on the BBC, The Smithsonian Institute, The Discovery Channel, Mashable, Wired, The LA times, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has even had documentaries made about his projects.
12.00PM - 12.45PM
KN3-FS: Future Skills Think Tank

There has been much debate about the future of accounting as a profession. Role automation is leading to employer demand shifting from job title to skill set, but what skills will professional accountants really need?
Join our high-profile group think tank to be part of a live open discussion with our leading thought leaders and CFOs. They will take you into the future jobs and skill sets that will change the way we work and live.

  • Yvonne Adele
    Congress MC   /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/yvonne-adele.png?h=180&w=180&rev=58cdb015febb4117b00fb09c6bd0f7ef
  • Dr Simon Eassom
    Executive General Manager, Education, CPA Australia Dr Simon Eassom is a proven thought leader and subject matter expert on the future of learning and the alignment of technology with business strategy for the higher education and corporate education sectors. He has over 30 years’ experience as an academic and a business development executive delivering transformational projects as well as developing, consulting on, and selling innovative digital solutions for education.

    Simon has been a leader in the adoption of AI, predictive analytics, blockchain, and the Internet of Things for the sector and has been instrumental in the creation of digital solutions at the leading edge of the transformation of learning. He has been a senior leader within the university sector, a global industry executive for one of the world's most iconic technology companies and is currently Executive General Manager (Member Education) for the one of the largest professional member organisations for accountants and finance professionals.
  • Katrina Donaghy
    Co-CEO, Civic Ledger   /-/media/corporate/allimages/congress-2018/2018-speakers/katrina-donaghy.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=5c703002ed7245389f0c254c98dfe32a
  • Deanna Keating
    Principal Consultant - Executive and Boards, Davidson   /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/deanna-keating.png?h=180&w=180&rev=1493b2ffc30b487893f4d3998d2e38b9
  • Kulwant Singh-Pangly FCPA
    CFO, QSuper Kulwant is CFO of the QSuper Group comprising one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds (over $100b), life insurer and financial planning practices.

    He is a qualified lawyer, Fellow Certified Practising Accountant, Chartered Taxation Advisor and Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

    Kulwant has over 20 years of commercial industry and professional consulting experience in property, infrastructure, superannuation, insurance and investment management sectors. He is a proven capable leader, with deep skills in financial and business performance management, governance and risk, strategy development, legal and compliance and managing business operations. He also has substantial transactional experience in M&A, investment transactions, debt and equity capital markets, investment funds and product development.

    Kulwant is an executive member of the QSuper Group Audit and Risk Committee and Investment Committee. Board member of various Investment Company boards. Deputy Chair of CPA Not For Profit Committee.

    He is passionate about leading teams, growing businesses, creating value and solving complex problems.
12.45pm - 1.30PM
Exhibition lunch
Concurrent sessions
1.30PM - 2.15PM
Personal development
A1: Mastering your negotiation skills
A manager who understands how negotiations are conducted, who is clear about required outcomes and who prepares carefully and systematically creates value for organisations. Negotiations are sometimes complicated and difficult, but good negotiators achieve good results. Leaders and managers can develop the skill set that will stand them, and their organisation, in good stead.

This interactive and practical session will teach participants the tools and techniques to effectively prepare for negotiations, manage a negotiation team, and apply negotiation tactics that result in positive outcomes.

Participants will be better able to:
• prepare systematically for negotiations
• define a negotiation position
• manage a negotiating team more effectively
• adopt a coherent negotiation strategy
• apply negotiation tactics that result in a positive outcome.
  • Chas Savage
    Chief Executive Officer, Ethos CRS

    As the Chief Executive Officer of Ethos CRS, Chas has designed, developed and delivered writing workshops for private and public sector agencies. He equips professionals with skills and tools that enable them to operate more effectively. The result is more efficient teams, reduced operational risk and better outcomes for organisations. Chas specialises in corporate communications, policy and regulation, creating more effective leaders, managers, teams and organisations. Chas has developed and delivered training programs for public service organisations and professionals, and coached senior executives, ministers and an Australian of the year.

1.30PM - 2.15PM
Finance fundamentals
A2: Data Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges
Data analytics has largely been touted as the next big thing - it almost certainly will be. But no new system is universally positive, and managers who think so are fraught to over-invest or over-reach in their assumptions around the benefits accruing from data analytics. In this session, attendees will be briefly reminded about the raft of opportunities brought on by increasingly "big" data sets, followed by an in-depth investigation of the challenges in the way of these benefits. Strategies for avoiding these pitfalls will be suggested in order to yield the undeniable benefits of data analytics, especially in relation to large and real time interactive data sets (big data).
  • Dr Prabhu Sivabalan
    Professor, Accounting Discipline Group Core Member, CBSI – Centre for Business and Social Innovation, UTS Business School

    Prabhu Sivabalan is a Professor of Management Accounting. Prior to pursuing an academic career, Prabhu was a cadet analyst in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

    Prabhu's research interests are broadly in the application of core accounting concepts such as budgeting and costing to innovative and far-reaching contexts not usually associated to accounting, such as healthcare, entrepreneurship and high innovation environments. He leads the Financial and Performance Transformation in Healthcare Group, a collaboration between NSW Health and the UTS Business School.

1.30PM - 2.15PM
Personal development
A3: Managing Up
We are frequently taught how to “manage” or “lead” from a top down perspective.

What about from a bottom up? How do we establish a great working relationship with our boss, and maybe our boss’s boss?

In this session author and workplace productivity expert, Donna McGeorge will share what it takes to establish trust, credibility and confidence between you and your manager, and why it’s important.
  • Donna McGeorge
    Time Management expert and author

    Donna McGeorge makes work work. 

    She is passionate about enhancing the large amount of time we spend in our workplace (too much, for many) to ensure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable. 
    Donna has worked with managers and leaders throughout Australia and the Asia-–Pacific for over 20 years. She delivers practical skills, training, workshops and facilitation to corporates — such as Nissan Motor Company, Jetstar, Medibank Private and Ford Motor Company — so they learn to manage their people well and produce great performance and results. 

    She also knows that when we decide to be intentional, we can surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.  Donna has authored 6 books and her CV includes:  Manager of Theatre, Sports & Concert Tours for the UK-based Keith Prowse; Asia–Pacific Organisational Development Manager for Ford Motor Company in Shanghai, China; as well as roles at Telstra, Qantas & Ernst & Young.

Concurrent sessions
2.25PM - 3.10PM
Trends and business impacts
B1: Fintech Insights Session: what are you using and is it working for …
This panel session will discuss technology that has been embraced and why it is working for them.

They will share lessons learnt and discuss what challenges they are facing over the next 12 months.
- How do you align technology choices to business needs and outcomes?
- How are people and processes the key to technology enablement and success?
  • Rob Hanson
    Senior Research Consultant Product Owner, Consumer Data Standard Founding Director, Digital Trust Lab, DATA61, CSIRO /-/media/corporate/allimages/congress-2018/2018-speakers/speaker-images/rob-hanson.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=1612a7b472684a5b8c651b5831d45297
  • Chris Berg
    Senior Research Fellow, RMIT   /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/speaker-placeholder.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=d19f11a9afd1470cb50c858040ff1ff0
2.25PM - 3.10PM
Strategy and leadership
B2: Leading Finance Talent in the New Value Creation Landscape
You would be living under a rock (and probably not at the CPA Congress) if you have been unable to see the emerging wave of change surrounding technology, new ways of working, and of course, the increasing expectations of finance from our business counterparts. In this changing landscape, the leadership and environment we create for finance talent which can allow our people to thrive also requires thought and change.

With finance leaders experimenting with their progress into the future and implementing new approaches, this session looks at how we can enable talent to develop and evolve professionally while driving increased value to the business and finance function.

We will explore key considerations for leadership at the intersection of the finance talent landscape and navigating the future.
  • Brad Eisenhuth
    CEO, The Outperformer Brad is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning team at The Outperformer. A passionate consultant to the CFO, accounting and finance space for 15 years, this business was designed to raise the performance bar of finance relative to the rapidly changing landscape facing the profession.

    The team now offers solutions across career management and executive coaching, business partnership, leadership and finance culture programs, financial modelling & decision support; all provided under The Outperformer's unique Co-Design model which was awarded Education & Training Program of the Year in 2018. His role has him working with experts in the field across the world and playing a lead role in the design of large scale programs with clients of The Outperformer.

    Always dedicated and curious about the accounting and finance community, Brad wrote and published the popular book "CFgrOw: Staying in the driver's seat on the path to CFO" (published in 2015), which became recommended reading by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has also featured in the Australian Finance Review, Acuity magazine, Shortlist and other publications for his views and research on the accounting and finance profession, and regularly sought out to speak at conferences and events related to careers and the future of finance.
2.25PM - 3.10PM
Personal development
B3: How personal branding is a win-win for you and your organisation

A great deal of talk about the changing nature of the accounting & finance profession is focused on how much of this change is inevitable and this can be disempowering. There is A LOT as individuals you and your employees can do to refine personal value and position people beyond just a job title.

In today’s fast-moving economy, position is more important than ever before. Job titles are becoming increasingly immaterial with millions of people having the same title, skills and experience. That means, you and your employees have to stand out to be noticed. The GIG economy is changing the playing field meaning that 40% of execs in professional services will become freelance or consultants by 2023. The question is - Are you equipped for this? Is your organisation?

Your organisation’s brand and your own individual brand are not exclusive to one another. Aligning these attributes, helps elevate a mindset from employee to entrepreneur and helps turn expertise into specialisation.

Join Mary Henderson, a recognised expert in the field of personal branding to discover how personal branding can not only give you the edge but bring value to your organisation.

  • Mary Henderson
    Personal Branding & Online Business Expert , Mary Henderson Coaching Mary is an internationally recognised Personal Branding and Online Business Expert who helps Service Based Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Business Owners and Corporate Executives commercialise their Personal Brand into industry experts.

    Mary has 18 years’ experience building seven and eight figure businesses and building high performance sales teams in the IT sector and 13 years delivering online solutions for large and small businesses. She has been featured in many publications and is regarded a thought leader in the digital sector.

    Mary’s point of difference is her Personal Branding methodology and algorithm. In today’s economy, defining a person’s uniqueness, values, passion, expertise, what they stand for and what they promise into a narrative and applying it across all communication touchpoint's is key to advancing a career.

    When you engage Mary, you access 32,000+ hours of experience, knowledge and wisdom in Personal Branding, client profiling, lead generation strategies, online course development, sales leadership, content development and digital knowledge. Mary embraces technology and social media in a big way and her followers are growing daily.

    Mary is a heart-centred, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on human transformation and witnessing people fulfil their dreams
3.10PM - 3.40PM
Aftenoon tea
Concurrent sessions
3.40PM - 4.25PM
Trends and business impacts
C1: Corruption Risks in Government
The recent case of eight city councillors being charged with fraud is a stark reminder of the problems in local government which is common across the sector. This investigation has led to a reprisal with one count of fraud and causing a dishonest detriment to the former CEO to the value of $100,000. If proven, the charges carry a penalty of up to 20 years in jail. This case study underpins wider fraud and risk issues that challenge the local government.

This session will discuss:
• Strengthening internal controls to assure local governments efficiently and effectively mitigate their fraud risks
• Closer monitoring and better protection for CEOS to reduce incidence and gain greater assurance of compliance with key fraud prevention strategies
• Encouraging employees to raise concerns and protection of whistleblowers as part of an integrated fraud management approach
• Upholding a good culture based on sound ethics and integrity which is reinforced by senior management for an effective fraud control framework
  • Alan MacSporran QC
    Chairperson, Crime and Corruption Commission Mr Alan MacSporran, QC was admitted as a Barrister-at-Law in 1978 and worked as a Crown Prosecutor until 1984 when he went to the private bar. He has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 2005 and Queens Counsel in 2013. Mr MacSporran has developed a broad practice in criminal law with specific reference to fraud and like offences. He has prosecuted a range of matters on behalf of the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions including large-scale tax frauds, insider trading and corporate crimes.

    From 2004 to 2009 Mr MacSporran served as the part-time Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Commissioner. He has also regularly provided legal advice to, and represented, the Criminal Justice Commission, the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the Crime and Corruption Commission. Mr MacSporran is patron of the Corruption Prevention Network Queensland, a member of the Queensland Law Society Legal Practitioners Admissions Board and a member of the Queensland Integrity Committee.
3.40PM - 4.25PM
Sector in focus
C2: NFP business transformation – shift your mindset
With a multidisciplinary commercial career spanning some three plus decades, Sturt has a wealth of national and international governance experience.

He has held executive appointments in a variety of technology, marketing, M&A, strategy and executive management domains, including Director South Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa for Telstra.

Sturt holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Economics) and a Master of Business Administration and has held numerous board positions including the Australian Diabetes Council, Life for a Child, Diabetes Qualified, Kordia and multiple international Telstra and REACH entities.
  • Sturt Eastwood
    CEO, Diabetes NSW, ACT and QLD

    With a multidisciplinary commercial career spanning some three plus decades, Sturt has a wealth of national and international governance experience.  He has held executive appointments in a variety of technology, marketing, M&A, strategy and executive management domains, including Director South Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa for Telstra.

    Sturt holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Economics) and a Master of Business Administration and has held numerous board positions including the Australian Diabetes Council, Life for a Child, Diabetes Qualified, Kordia and multiple international Telstra and REACH entities.

3.40PM - 4.25PM
Operational transformation
C3: UIPath: Accelerating automation

Embarking on your automation journey can be daunting, whether you are already outsourcing or offshoring parts of your finance operations, automating your finance operations under the right governance model can create efficiencies only just being realised.

UiPath is leading an evolution in finance and accounting process automation around the world, demonstrating that 44% of finance and accounting processes can now be automated.

Anne La Fontaine FCPA, former finance executive at Hewlett Packard will share client stories, investigating unique governance models and implementation strategies that have led to successes and failures that will help you make effective decisions and preparations for your own automation projects.

  • Anne La Fontaine FCPA
    Director of Commercial Finance - APAC & India, UiPath Anne La Fontaine joined UiPath in January 2019 as the Director of Commercial Finance for APAC & India for UiPath. Her role is focussed on fostering sustainable growth in the region together with the Sales Leaders.

    Prior to joining UiPath, La Fontaine was Asia Pacific CFO & Finance Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She was instrumental in growing the business through developing and implementing strategies to promote HPE, managing their Financial Reporting Centre of Excellence as well as providing governance and oversight for the assets and financials of the region. As a Global Project Lead, she oversaw the carve-out of the HP Country financials which established two publicly-listed Fortune 50 companies HP Inc (PC’s & Print) and HP Enterprise (Software, Services and Enterprise Infrastructure products). Subsequently, she led the financial spin-off transactions for Enterprise Services and CSC; as well as Software and Micro Focus.

    La Fontaine is a graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors, has held senior management, Statutory Director, Company Secretary and Board member roles. She has also been involved in mentoring Finance Professionals, and Women in the workplace while promoting gender diversity through the region.

    Holding a Bachelor of Business (Hons), from RMIT, she is a Fellow designation with CPA Australia. She has been a member of the RMIT Business TAFE Industry Committee providing inputs into course content and structure; and was elected as Victorian Divisional Councillor with CPA in 2015 and currently holds this office.
4.35PM - 5.20PM
KN4: The new business imperative: Social Impact as Business Strategy

Technological disruption, increased competition and internationalisation represent major challenges to organisational survival.

However, the greatest threats to firm performance may not be commercial issues, but instead social issues.

Professor Williamson will talk about the link between social issues and organisational performance and how leaders can harness the opportunities created by major social challenges and help their organisations and communities thrive.

  • Prof Ian Williamson
    Pro Vice Chancellor & Dean of Commerce, Victoria Business School, Orauariki (NZ) Ian O. Williamson is the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Business School at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). Prior to joining Victoria University of Wellington, he served on the faculties of the Melbourne Business School (Australia), Rutgers Business School (USA), the Zurich Institute of Business Education (Switzerland), the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland (USA) and Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia). He received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA).

    Ian’s passion is helping more people gain access to a world class education. As such, his research focuses on understanding how to positively impact the talent pipelines of communities and organisations. He has examined how human capital development can impact everything from the reduction of social challenges in communities to the growth and success of new ventures. He has studied these issues in a wide range of settings ranging from European Fortune 500 firms to Indonesian SMEs to USA ethnic minority communities to Australian Indigenous Businesses.

    Ian’s research has received several international awards and has been covered by media outlets across the world. Drawing upon this research Ian has helped public sector, private sector and not-for-profit executives in over 20 countries across six continents drive organizational innovation, navigate change and manage diverse workforces.

Friday 11 October

8.30AM - 9.00AM
Registration and arrival
9.00AM - 9.45AM
KN5: Key economic issues for 2020
Join Peter, Chief Economist of Bank of Queensland, as we assess the major domestic and international economic issues that will affect Australia in the near to short term future as well as key financial market trends.

  • Peter Munckton
    Chief Economist, Bank of Queensland Peter is the Chief Economist and Head of Market Strategy at the Bank of Queensland. He has worked at the Federal Treasury in Canberra, as well as in senior economics roles at Bankers Trust and the CBA. He also has co-authored reports on the Australian and Chinese financial systems that gained significant domestic and international media attention.
9.45AM - 10.15AM
Morning tea
10.15AM - 11.15AM
KN6: Ignite your thinking!

Ignite 1: ish: The problem with our pursuit for perfection
Excellence, quality and continuous improvement are important - but the pursuit of perfection …not so much. Our drive to make things look or seem perfect is dangerously on the rise and has dire consequences for how we feel about ourselves, how we live and work and how we collaborate with others.
But there is a way out of and beyond perfection. Lynne Cazaly shares the latest thinking on being more ‘ish’.

Ignite 2: A thousand little light bulbs
Every company is looking for that light bulb moment. That elusive spark of genius.

Why not tap into an existing network of innovators and leverage the 1000 little lightbulbs that are already part of your organisation?

Innovators see things that other people miss. Opportunities and lightbulb moments exist everywhere if we only open our eyes and encourage ideas to develop and grow, which is at the heart of market leading thinking, constant innovation and outstanding results.

Ignite 3: How to use accounting skills to change the world
Meet a young accountant using accounting to protect human rights and empower communities. Hear the inspirational story from Shelley Cable, whose work in financial literacy took her to the United Nations and is now working to unlock the potential of accounting through Indigenous participation.

  • Lynne Cazaly
    International Keynote Speaker and Author Lynne Cazaly helps individuals, teams and organisations transition to new ways of working. She is an international keynote speaker, mentor and master facilitator and the author of six books including 'Agile-ish', 'Leader as Facilitator', and ‘Making Sense'. Her most recent book being ‘ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection’. Lynne works with executives, senior leaders and project teams on their change and transformation projects. /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/lynne-cazaly.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=77545104089e4061acba02d07b711792
  • Simon Banks
    Director, VisualFunk Simon Banks is an author, artist and sought-after speaker on creativity and innovation. He describes his geek out spot as the intersection of creativity and design, learning, people and passion which he sees as essential building blocks for developing an innovative culture. His Big Why? To build a more creative world to enable people and business to thrive in the Modern Age. /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/simon-banks.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=12511f4421624c46b0b085d82070d128
  • Shelley Cable ASA
    Chief Executive Officer, Generation One (Minderoo Foundation)

    Shelley Cable is a Wilman-Nyoongar woman from Perth, passionate about financial literacy and inclusion, particularly amongst young people, women, and Indigenous Australians.
    Shelley believes that accountants – especially young accountants - can change the world. In 2017, Shelley put this to the test when she presented to the United Nations on the role of financial literacy in protecting human rights, and ultimately had her recommendations officially endorsed by the UN.

    For her leadership and advocacy work, Shelley has been named:
    - Curtin University’s Young Alumna of the year
    - Winner of the WA Young Achiever Award (Leadership Category)
    - Finalist in the Western Australian of the Year Awards, both 2017 and 2018.

    Shelley is also a member of the Murdoch University Advisory Board, Chair of the CPA Young Professionals Committee in Canberra, and is in her final semester of the CPA program.

Concurrent sessions
11.25AM - 12.10PM
Trends and business impacts
D1: Data Security - what to do in a breach
If your immediate thoughts or answer was “get the IT manager or IT provider to assist”, then you’re not alone, but it is the wrong answer.

In a time of crisis and panic, many uneducated companies automatically turn to their IT Manager or external third-party IT provider, which can sometimes prove more damaging than the initial attack and further expose the business to additional risk, and potential harm.

Unfortunately, most business still aren’t aware of how to effectively deal with a data breach, more concerningly, many are completely unaware of their legal obligations following a data breach.

Cybersecurity is not an IT or Technology issue it’s a whole of business risk and is now recognised globally as the number one threat to businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Damian will help you understand cybersecurity in simple to understand language and analogies. He will explain why your clients are already expecting you to understand the risks and be able to articulate to them how you mitigate their risk, more than simply saying “we have an IT guy that takes care of that”.

Damian will walk you through the anatomy of a cyber-attack, explain how software is indiscriminately targeting your business (not humans), and explain Australian and global legislation that you now must adhere to. He will provide invaluable insights into real-world attacks, happening every minute of every day here in Australia and, more importantly, Damian will provide you with some simple solutions on how you can protect your practice, your client’s data and more importantly, your brand and reputation.
  • Damian Seaton
    Managing Director, Cyber Audit Team Demonstrating 30 years’ experience across Cybersecurity, Information Security, Data Protection & Privacy, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Digital Forensics, Information Communication Technology, Criminal Psychology, Law Enforcement. Damian has worked with and advised organisations such as the British, American and Australian governments, ASIC, ATO, ACCC, CDPP, AFP, Tier 1 banks, Insurance companies, NFPs, Financial Practices, multinationals, and SMEs.

    Damian is a Graduate of Queensland University of Technology and holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration, is an Executive Committee member of the Australian Information Security Association - the peak body for the Information Security and Cybersecurity profession in Australia, and is SAI Global qualified in Management Systems Auditing.
11.25AM - 12.10PM
Strategy and leadership
D2: Motivating millennials & Gen Z employee engagement in accounting te…
With four generations at work – the next generation of talent will comprise of 50-75% of working population – driving value, productivity, and changing the nature of business environments.

Fostering conversation, understanding attitudes & behaviour, empathy and inclusive leadership is critical for conducive motivation towards optimal engagement, performance & intergenerational cohesion.

Key takeaways:
- Better understanding of generations – beating stereotypes
- Closing the generational gap – socio-economic perspective
- Dealing with differing expectations, behaviours & values
- Identity, influence, personality & group dynamics
- Fostering intergenerational communication & empathy
- Development needs and situational leadership solutions
  • Mariam Riza
    Vice President - Intergenerational Consulting, , Wattleshire Mariam is a strategist, consultant, and speaker around macro-level talent engagement and intergenerational workforce inclusion.  Her intergenerational strategy work spans the accountancy member education space, technology and workforce engagement solutions, and public sector government & multicultural community organisations.

    Combining business psychology, emotional intelligence, and socioeconomic insights, she is an influencer in her domain, and has 30,000 followers.
11.25AM - 12.10PM
Personal development
D3: Leading as accountants: the change-makers within
Have you ever wondered whether accounting can serve a higher purpose? Can accountants really change the world?

Join Shelley in this leadership session to unleash your inner change-maker, and explore how to use accounting to help shift the dial on some of the world's most wicked problems, like climate change, mental health and human rights.
  • Shelley Cable ASA
    Chief Executive Officer, Generation One (Minderoo Foundation)

    Shelley Cable is a Wilman-Nyoongar woman from Perth, passionate about financial literacy and inclusion, particularly amongst young people, women, and Indigenous Australians.
    Shelley believes that accountants – especially young accountants - can change the world. In 2017, Shelley put this to the test when she presented to the United Nations on the role of financial literacy in protecting human rights, and ultimately had her recommendations officially endorsed by the UN.

    For her leadership and advocacy work, Shelley has been named:
    - Curtin University’s Young Alumna of the year
    - Winner of the WA Young Achiever Award (Leadership Category)
    - Finalist in the Western Australian of the Year Awards, both 2017 and 2018.

    Shelley is also a member of the Murdoch University Advisory Board, Chair of the CPA Young Professionals Committee in Canberra, and is in her final semester of the CPA program.

12.10PM - 1.50PM
Business lunch: The Power of Technology to Connect Communities

In October 2014, two best mates had a crazy idea to put two washing machines and two dryers in the back of a van, and wash and dry clothes for free.

Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, the 2016 Young Australians of the Year, founded Orange Sky – a world-first, free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness.

On a mission to improve hygiene standards, Nic and Lucas stumbled on something much bigger and more significant – the power of a conversation.

Four years on - 29 vans, 11,000 volunteer applications, 40,000 shifts, 3,000 incident reports and 1 million tonnes of washing later - Orange Sky has been able to design, build and grow a web app that enables the organisation to effectively and efficiently deliver it's mission to positively connect the community.

  • Nic Marchesi
    Founder Orange Sky   /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/speaker-placeholder.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=d19f11a9afd1470cb50c858040ff1ff0
  • Lucas Patchett
    Founder Orange Sky   /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/speaker-placeholder.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=d19f11a9afd1470cb50c858040ff1ff0
Concurrent sessions
1.50PM - 2.35PM
Trends and business impacts
E1: Dynamic Risk – Testing organisational agility

Paul Chivers, a risk advisor for some of the most dangerous events and TV shows in the world, will share his journey of risk management. Join Paul as he highlights that relevant and effective risk management, proportionate to the exposures you face, is critical in achieving objectives, no matter what the industry.

With increasing disruption, most organisations have this on their radar, but how do they effectively manage the risks? Due diligence does not have to come at the cost of creativity, opportunity and success even in the most demanding and dynamic environments.

In this session Paul will cover:
-Defining dynamic risk
-How disruption will effect an organisation's risk strategy
-The ongoing assessment and continuous implementation of risk frameworks
-Practical steps in addressing risk in a fast-moving and disruptive environment

  • Paul Chivers
    Director, Riskfacilitator

    Paul Chivers is the founding director of Riskfacilitator and has over 22 years’ experience in developing, implementing and introducing risk management frameworks, programs and systems worldwide. Paul’s heuristic approach is focused on risk intent, process and practice.

    His simple but effective techniques focus around the concept that people change because they are shown a truth that influences their feelings, not because they were given endless amounts of logical data.  He has worked in a range of industries internationally, which include project and event management, TV and film, inquests, aviation, education, sport & recreation, healthcare and defence.

    Paul has authored risk management graduate courses, research papers and reports, and lectures for a number of industry and tertiary bodies.  Paul’s unique knowledge and experience of risk management has allowed him to become a sought-after facilitator and presenter, with unique and fascinating experiences, including TV producing for multiple versions of the Emmy Award winning “The Amazing Race”, as well as risk & safety oversight for one of the most demanding TV shows in the world, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”. 

    Paul currently has the privilege of travelling the world, helping people manage risk with a level due diligence that is practical yet defensible. Paul is considered a subject matter expert in his field; with an energising approach to the way we take risk. 

1.50PM - 2.35PM
Operational transformation
E2: Elevating the data maturity level in your organisation - The Coffee…
The future of finance function, utilising relevant data and sophisticated approaches to achieve business results.
  • Steve Hazard
    Chief Operating Officer The Coffee Club   /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/steve-hazard.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=52beaf90b3834c5281e9dcb3eb8ff604
  • Jimmy Wu CPA
    Advanced Analytics Manager, The Coffee Club Australia

    It is Jimmy's passion to discover new opportunities through data, increase sales, acquire more customers, and reduce the operating costs for your business. He is at the cutting edge of data analytics with broad exposure to advanced analytics, data science & BI, delivering projects utilising sophisticated approaches including the use of predictive analysis, machine learning algorithms & Geo-spatial location analysis.

    What sets Jimmy apart from others is his diverse real-world industry experience. Demonstrating the end to end process from data to insights and providing actionable goals, he has helped shape the strategic direction for a number of high-profile companies.

    Jimmy has over 12 years’ experience in data analytics across a range of industry segments, specialising in retail & FMCG. He has worked with many influential brands including Coca-Cola, Coles, IGA, Subway, Donut King, Michelle’s Patisserie, Night Owl, Tatts lottery - The Lott, UBET, and most recently heading up the Data & Insights Division for The Coffee Club.

1.50PM - 2.35PM
Operational transformation
E3: Creating a culture of innovation in finance
If you want to shift your culture and create a workplace where innovation thrives, along with brilliant ideas, market-leading thinking, products and results, you don’t have to look far. All the ingredients exist to kick start innovation and it’s right in front of you. It’s you. It’s your team. It’s people.

An innovative culture is an intensely human experience. It’s minds rubbing on minds. People drive innovation yet can be the most under resourced tool organisations have in their innovation toolkit.

Let’s get ready to change that.
- Discover how curiosity and innovation are absolutely normal for people. We have been innovating since day one
- Explore key workforce trends and how to build 21st century skills of curiosity, imagination and creativity into your organisation
- Learn how to cut through the ‘data storm’ and put information in a way our 21st century brains
- Craft an engaging and powerful strategy story in three easy steps
- Recognise common innovation handbrakes and how to fix them (without spending a cent)
- Build a culture where people and innovation thrive, along with brilliant ideas, market-leading thinking, products and results
- Enable your team to upskill and fulfill their innovation potential so they see more possibilities than ever before.
  • Simon Banks
    Director, VisualFunk Simon Banks is an author, artist and sought-after speaker on creativity and innovation. He describes his geek out spot as the intersection of creativity and design, learning, people and passion which he sees as essential building blocks for developing an innovative culture. His Big Why? To build a more creative world to enable people and business to thrive in the Modern Age. /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/simon-banks.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=12511f4421624c46b0b085d82070d128
Concurrent sessions
2.45PM - 3.30PM
Trends and business impacts
F1: Modern Slavery Act: key actions for reporting requirements

Learn practical tips on how to incorporate the checks and balances into your supplier and contractor due diligence.

  • Murray Lawson
    Managing Director Forensic & Litigation, FTI Consulting Murray specialises in leading cross-border fraud, corruption and business intelligence investigations. He has worked extensively with major corporate and investment industry clients on assessing and managing issues related to reputational risk, fraud, corruption, human rights and shareholder activism. He is also experienced in leading international asset tracing investigations in support of complex litigation and dispute matters and advising on compliance with Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations.

    Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Murray worked in the national security community leading investigations of terrorism, cross-border money laundering and trade sanctions breaches. He holds a PhD in Psychology and an MBA. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
2.45PM - 3.30PM
Personal development
F2: Agile Culture: New ways of working

Agile is a vast global movement and it’s transforming the world of work. Agile is spreading rapidly and while it was born in software development, plenty of other industries, sectors and leaders are leveraging the benefits of adopting an agile culture and agile ways of working. These include greater productivity, profitability, increased customer value and greater employee engagement. So what is it… and how do you get on board?

Join this session to learn how having an agile mindset can make incredible differences to how you work, what the business does and how it delivers value to customers.

  • Lynne Cazaly
    International Keynote Speaker and Author Lynne Cazaly helps individuals, teams and organisations transition to new ways of working. She is an international keynote speaker, mentor and master facilitator and the author of six books including 'Agile-ish', 'Leader as Facilitator', and ‘Making Sense'. Her most recent book being ‘ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection’. Lynne works with executives, senior leaders and project teams on their change and transformation projects. /-/media/corporate/allimages/cpa-congress-2019/2019-speakers/lynne-cazaly.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=77545104089e4061acba02d07b711792
2.45PM - 3.30PM
Finance fundamentals
F3: New accounting standards – What have you missed?
Many businesses are coming to terms with when revenue and income can be recognised and having to put operating leases on balance sheets. These changes affect the profits and results of commercial and not-for-profit organisations. While we have now passed the start date for these new standards, many organisations were late with their implementations, and some are still not complete.

David will give some practical insights and examples of how organisations have been, and expect to be, affected with these new standards.

David will also provide an update on other changes to reporting requirements.
  • David Hardidge FCPA
    Director, Queensland Audit Office

    David is a Technical Director at Queensland Audit Office and provides expert, authoritative leadership on public sector financial reporting and the audit response in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. David has extensive experience in accounting advisory functions of large accounting firms. He provides advice, insights and explanations on Australian accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS and AIFRS) and external financial reporting requirements for the public and private sectors.

    David’s latest focus is on revenue (IFRS 15 and AASB 15), income for not-for-profits (AASB 1058) and leases (IFRS 16 and AASB 16).

    David has been the chair of CPA Australia’s Centre of Excellence for Financial Reporting and has presented at CPA conferences and events many times.

3.30PM - 4.00PM
Aftenoon tea
4.00PM - 5.00PM
KN7: Building your circle of influence

Many of us appreciate the benefits of broadening our professional network, yet most of us would likely admit at times it’s just a dutiful necessity and at worse can be just plain awkward. In this fun and engaging session designed to get you to really engage and connect in with people, Jen takes you through the fine artistry of good networking.

Learn how you can:
- expertly move in and out of groups and better remember people’s names
- read and deliver handshakes
- be more at ease when networking across hierarchical divisions
- be more strategic with networking and enhance your personal brand.

You can then take these skills to the networking drinks where you will have the opportunity to put all this into practice and connect beyond just ‘work stuff’.
be more strategic with networking and enhance your personal brand.

  • Jen Harwood
    Director, The Jenerator A recognised speaker who can move and inspire an audience to think differently and create a positive change. For almost 20 years Jen has worked with over a thousand business owners and executives throughout Australia, as well as New Zealand, South Africa, China, USA, Thailand and Indonesia.

    A certified business coach and an award-winning business planning consultant, Jen is also an author of three business networking books. In 2015 Jen was named Business Person of the Year for the North Shore of Sydney and in 2014 her company, The Jenerator, was named most outstanding Professional Services business.
5.00PM - 6.00PM
Connections - Networking Drinks


  • Economy, regulation and business

  • Finance fundamentals

    Enhance your core accounting and finance skills in the areas of tax, audit and assurance, compliance, financial planning, analysis and reporting.

  • Operational transformation

    Find out how to transform your business using improved processes and management skills, the latest technologies and shared services.

  • Personal development

    Refine your skills and become a highly productive, effective and well-rounded individual.

  • Sector in focus

    Hear the latest trends and opportunities specific to your sector, including corporate, SME, not for profit and public sector.

  • Strategy and leadership

    Become an outstanding finance leader by enhancing the power of innovation, successfully managing change and driving a high-performance culture.

  • Trends and business impacts

    Understand shifts in the domestic and global economy, the regulatory environment, the latest fraudulent activities, and consumer and competitive markets to build risk mitigation strategies.


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