Future of corporate reporting

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Developed by RMIT in collaboration with CPA Australia, this research provides an analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) disclosure practices and trends – between 2018 to 2020 – by the top 150 Australian public-listed companies (ASX150). The findings indicate the extent of awareness, commitment and governance support for the SDGs has substantially improved, indicating Australian companies have growing commitment, greater transparency and accountability towards sustainable development.

Prepared by Associate Professor Wendy Stubbs, Monash University and Associate Professor Colin Higgins, Deakin University, 2020 - This study canvasses reporting managers’ decision-making processes in selecting reporting frameworks, how they are using these frameworks and the challenges associated with navigating this complex landscape.

Associate Professor Wendy Stubbs and Associate Professor Colin Higgins, 2020 - Recent years have seen a turning point in the development of corporate reporting towards more meaningful and accessible communication of an entity’s position, performance and prospects. Understanding the role of integrated reporting (IR) will be a key driver in shaping our understanding of what constitutes a ‘better corporate report’, how it might be achieved, and what its limitations are within the totality of corporate disclosure. This summary of research findings from academics at Monash and Deakin universities spanning 2012 to 2019 provides a practical and applied understanding of the complex context of IR’s evolution, potentially informing both its future and shape.