Professional indemnity insurance portal

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Check that you’re covered

Use the online portal to confirm you have the right level of professional indemnity insurance (PII) coverage to take part in the Professional Standards Scheme.

Access the online portal to record any claims

Notifying us of claims received against your professional indemnity insurance is a key requirement of membership.* It reduces the risks to you and your practice and helps us advocate to keep premiums low. You should also let us know if you've never received a claim.

Why record your claims data?

Reduce your risks

The data helps us identify occupational risks and provide you with insights on how to protect your business.

Influence premiums

We analyse claims data and work with insurance brokers to keep premiums low.

Streamlined process

The tool makes it simpler to review your insurance arrangements and meet your By-Law requirements.

Special report – insurance market update

What should you do if you've received a claim?

Receiving a professional indemnity insurance claim can be difficult. Read what steps you should take with this guide from Fenton Green.

What to do if you receive a professional indemnity claim

PII resources

Contact us

Contact us for support about a claim or help with the portal.

E: [email protected]

P: 1300 73 73 73


* In accordance with CPA Australia By-Law 9.8