Public Practice Program workshop

Content Summary

Public Practice Program workshops 2021

These practical and outcome-oriented workshops will take you through the MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. framework and help you develop a future focus plan. You can learn from experienced facilitators and extend your professional network as you learn new skills.

Face-to-face workshops are conducted across Australia only, but our virtual classroom series is available for all eligible members throughout the year, regardless of their location.

You should only register to attend a workshop if you're a CPA or FCPA.

CPD hours

You can claim up to 16 CPD hours if you attend the entire face-to-face workshop, or 13.5 CPD hours for the virtual classroom series.

Workshop overview

The public practice workshop is interactive and facilitator led. It's designed to help you gain the skills, knowledge and professional approach required to develop a successful career in public practice.

The program delivers four main objectives:

  • to introduce you to MY FIRM. MY FUTURE
  • to understand and articulate the fundamentals of the four “enablers” of MY FIRM. MY FUTURE
  • to apply strategies to address the strategic drivers of MY FIRM. MY FUTURE
  • to develop a future focus plan that supports the development of a successful business.

The workshop is organised into dedicated discussion topics. A key aspect of the program is gaining exposure to members already in practice. Our presenters will encourage discussion, so you can have the opportunity to learn from their experience.

Workshop registration

Registrations close 10 working days before each workshop.

When you register, we'll confirm your attendance via email. Please check this information and let us know if there are any issues. Also let us know if you don't receive this confirmation.

All refunds and date transfers must be processed at least 10 days before a booked workshop. If you have any questions, call us on 1300 737 373.


To successfully complete the Public Practice Program you'll need to attend both days of the workshop or a at least four virtual classroom sessions. If you miss any virtual sessions, you will need to watch the recording.

If you don't attend, you'll be required to attend a future public practice workshop. Please note they are for registered attendees only. Family members or guests cannot join.

Two-day workshop

The two-day face-to-face workshop runs from 8.30am to 5.00pm over consecutive days. Workshops are limited to 20 members. Additional sessions will be scheduled as required. If a spot isn’t available in your preferred location, please contact Member Services for more information.

Public practice two-day workshop 2021

Set your business up for success by registering for a public practice workshop.

Arrival and departure times

Please arrive at the venue at 8.00am on the first day. Registration begins at 8.15am and the first session starts promptly at 8.30am. The workshop finishes at approximately 5.00pm on both days.

Virtual classroom series

The virtual classrooms will be five two-hour sessions run over two weeks. Each session will be limited to 40 members. Additional sessions will be scheduled as required.

Public practice virtual classroom series 2021

Our updated virtual classroom series is an essential component of the Public Practice Program