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Public Practice and Limited Public Practice Certificates

Use this form to:

  1. Assess your eligibility for a CPA Australia Public Practice Certificate (PPC) or CPA Australia Limited Public Practice Certificate (LPPC).  
  2. Upgrade your certificate from: LPPC to PPC, or from PPC as an employee of a practice to a Principal/Partner/Director of a practice. 
  3. Apply for reinstatement of your PPC/LPPC if your practicing certificate was cancelled:
  • within the last five (5) years - you will not be required to redo the Public Practice Program
  • more than five (5) years ago - you will need to redo the Public Practice Program if you completed it more than eight (8) years ago. 

Before applying for either of these certificates you must successfully complete the Public Practice Program.

Please allow 15 working days processing time after we receive your documents.

For assistance with application forms, contact us at [email protected]

Trade with a non-member or authority to trade as "Certified Practising Accountants"PDF · 425.2 KB

Use this form to assess your eligibility to practise with a non-CPA Australia member or to trade as "Certified Practising Accountants".

Multi-disciplinary practicePDF · 436.7 KB

Use this form to assess your eligibility to practise with non-CPA Australia members as a Multi-Disciplinary Practice (MDP).

Change practising certificate statusPDF · 90.2 KB

Use this form to request a change in your CPA Australia practising certificate status.

Cancel practising certificatePDF · 57.8 KB

Use this form to cancel your CPA Australia practising certificate.


    In order to apply for a Public Practice Certificate or Limited Public Practice Certificate, you need to meet certain criteria.