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Employment manual

CPA Australia members can download our exclusive Employer’s Manual and Staff Manual, customisable for public practitioners. These procedure manuals detail employment and industrial relations legislative requirements and provide checklists and templates.

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Employees and contractors

It’s important to understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. Simply calling someone a contractor doesn’t protect a principal from liability for employment entitlements, should the person fail the legal tests for an independent contractor.

Applying an incorrect label can result in significant liability. This includes liability for wages and entitlements, breach of award and workplace relations legislation, liability for unfair dismissal, unpaid superannuation and payroll tax.


Here are some resources to help you plan and manage recruitment for your firm. 

Training and mentoring

Investing in soft skills development for you and your team is essential. It helps maximise your relationship with clients, deliver quality advice and to keep the job interesting and challenging for your staff. Soft skills include communication and presentation skills.

Conduct an audit of your employees’ skill to help you maximise their potential.

You will also need to operate staff mentoring programs to meet regulators’ certification requirements. 

Performance management

The CPA Australia Library has some useful resources to help with managing staff. You’ll need an online CPA Australia account to access these. Australian Master Human Resources Guide (members only)

Workplace culture

Firms offering flexible and positive workplaces are best placed to retain their staff. Consider allowing employees to work from home, investing in career pathways and offering mentoring programs.

Here are some resources to help you create a great workplace culture.

Australian Government support services

Visit the website for more people management support services. 

Setting up a virtual office