Become a Public Practitioner

Become a public practitioner

Today’s accountants aren’t just advising on tax and compliance, they’re advising businesses that are changing the world. See how becoming a public practitioner can enable you to take control of your career and become a successful business owner.

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Under CPA Australia By-Law 9.1, any member providing public accounting services into Australia or New Zealand must hold a public practice certificate (PPC), no matter where in the world you are located. 

If you earn between $10,000 and $45,000 gross fees per calendar year, you may apply for a limited public practice certificate. If you earn more than $45,000 gross fees per calendar year, you must apply for a PPC.

If you are a CPA or FCPA providing public accounting services and you do not earn more than $10,000 gross fees each calendar year, you do not need to obtain a PPC, as long as you do not advertise or hold your services out to the public. However, you must hold professional indemnity insurance

If you are conducting audits of self-managed superannuation funds, you are required to hold a PPC, irrespective of the fees you earn.




The Public Practice Program has been developed to help members establish themselves in public practice. It builds on the technical expertise and experience gained from the CPA Program and through hands-on business experience. It focuses on non-technical skills such as strategic planning, marketing, risk management and practice development. 

The program has two components:
1. Practice Management distance learning subject
2. Public Practice Program Intensive workshop – you will need to attend a workshop within five years of passing the Practice Management subject.


Once you have completed the Public Practice Program you must also satisfy the following key requirements to be eligible to apply for a public practice certificate:

1. New Zealand residents: Have completed New Zealand-specific company law and taxation law
2. have completed Australian-specific company law and tax from a recognised university, as applicable, if you have migrated to Australia in the last five years
3. have the required practical experience as stated in By-Law 9.4
4. hold appropriate professional indemnity insurance
5. agree to comply with the Quality Review Program.

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Having satisfied all prerequisites, you can apply for your public practice certificate within eight years of passing the exam for the Practice Management distance learning subject.

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Application forms and prerequisites for other public practice related certificates, including a limited public practice certificate, multi-disciplinary practice and trading with a non-member, are also available.