The objective of our organisation is to make CPA Australia the global professional accountancy designation for strategic business leaders.

Policy positions

As part of CPA Australia's own strategic business leadership, and in accordance with the organisation's constitution, CPA Australia regularly develops policy positions on matters of concern to members and the accounting profession, taking into account the public interest. A key consideration in the formulation of policy positions is the objective of sustainable economic growth.

Policy development process

Often these policy positions will be formalised into a written submission or policy statement to inform debate with key stakeholders. The following gives an insight into how the organisation’s policy development process works:

  1. Issues are identified by members, CPA Australia employees and committees, including Centres of Excellence.
  2. CPA Australia researches the issue and determines if a public policy position is required.
  3. If a policy position is required, a draft is developed in conjunction with Centres of Excellence and other relevant stakeholders. The draft can be developed and conveyed via a submission or a policy statement.
  4. The draft is reviewed by relevant CPA Australia committees where appropriate.
  5. Once finalised, the policy is released into the public domain, usually via CPA Australia's website and other appropriate channels as necessary.

Member feedback on CPA Australia's policy positions is welcome.


CPA Australia's submissions to standard setters, governments, government agencies and others will be consistent with relevant CPA Australia policy positions.